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Elderly Man Still Greets His Smiling Wife With A Romantic Dance Every Time She Returns Home

Photo: LAD Bible/Facebook
man dancing to his wife and embracing her

Marriage is definitely not for the faint of heart or the fickle. It takes intentional work for couples to remain together for the long haul.

With over half of marriages ending in divorce, achieving longevity takes communication, commitment, kindness, acceptance, and unconditional love.

One man found a uniquely beautiful way of greeting his wife every time she returns home.

A Facebook account called ‘LAD Bible’ shared a video that a neighbor shot of an elderly gentleman dancing toward his wife after she had been away from home.

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The elderly man rushes to greet his wife every day.

The video opens with the elderly man doing a dance one might describe as “The Swim” in slow motion as he moves down the sidewalk step-by-step.

At first, it seems that he might be moving to a beat that only he can hear, but eventually, his wife comes into frame, walking toward him as he stretches his arms to embrace her.

You can tell by her quick pace that she is accustomed to sweet gestures like this from the love of her life.

The happy couple hug, his arm draped around her should, while she loops hers securely around his waist. They plant loving smooches on each other’s faces.

As the video ends, the couple walks together, his arms still around her, toward their home to enjoy the evening together.

People were moved by the beautiful moment.

Commenters were touched by the swooning couple, with many of them tagging their partner to presumably exemplify what they expected from them.

Others were happy to see the beautiful moment. One woman wrote, “Such a beautiful thing to see. Today all you hear is [people yelling].”

She goes on to say, “I'm very blessed not to hear that. In my house unless it's me, of course.”

Another woman said, “This elderly man is still enjoying his wife in love. Keep it up daddy.”

The kudos continued to pour in with comments like, “Lovely. Restores your faith in people, love, and marriage.”

Others hilariously inquired as to whether or not the loving husband had any brothers or cousins that might treat them the way he treated his beloved wife.

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Perhaps the man knows exactly how to make love last.

The moment is sweet and cute, but when it comes to long-lasting love, the adoring husband might be onto something.

You might have heard about the 5 Love Languages: words of affirmation, quality time, receiving gifts, acts of service, and physical touch.”

From the looks of it, this man has learned what his wife’s primary and secondary love languages are and meets those needs whenever he can.

His simple act of service lets her know that he values her presence and looks forward to spending time with her every day.

And let’s not forget the physical touch he provided, wrapping her in his arms and planting a gentle kiss on her face. Physical intimacy affirms love and attraction and is a strong emotional connector.

No doubt he whispered a few words of affirmation in her ear as he greeted the smiling woman on the sidewalk. We can all learn a little something about true love from the couple.

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