Nurse Claims He Got In Trouble For What He Wrote In An Anonymous Workplace Survey

According to the nurse, his answers were unknowingly tracked by management.

Nurse on TikTok nurse.alexrn / TikTok

A nurse gave feedback on a work survey that he was later reprimanded for giving, despite the fact was supposed to be anonymous.

Alex Kim is a traveling pediatric nurse who documents his work experience on TikTok. He talks about the highs and lows of the profession, informing his followers about what working in a hospital is like.

He recently recorded his experience after giving an honest opinion to his supervisors.


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The pediatric nurse explained how he got in trouble for what he wrote in an anonymous workplace survey.

“So, I get an email from my manager saying, ‘Hey, do this anonymous survey on what you don’t like about work,'” Kim said, filming himself in his scrubs.

“Here’s the thing — I was super critical on that survey, but I was also very professional,” he explained. “And then the very next day, my manager comes up to me and says, ‘Hey, let’s have a meeting about that survey.’”



He told his manager that he wouldn’t meet with her, and then he expressed his confusion, asking for clarification on whether or not it was actually anonymous.


When he asked his manager if the survey was anonymous, she answered, ‘They can still track you.’

In addition to his manager wanting to discuss his survey answers, Kim said that he was told that “the chief nursing officer wants to talk to you as well.”

Kim explained, “My friend Desiree was there as well — I know you’re watching this and you saw me just straight up saying ‘nope, nope I’m not gonna meet you for this meeting; I’m not gonna do it.’”

The manager didn’t stop there, however, and kept insisting that Kim meet with her to discuss his answers. “My manager tried for like a solid two and a half weeks to get this meeting with me and, in the end, I just get written up for something stupid, and that was it.”

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The top comment on Kim’s post asked, “What did the survey say?” Kim answered, “I mentioned we shouldn’t be double-rooming oncology patients with other kids who are RSV and flu positive,” which seems like a more than reasonable request, since patients undergoing cancer treatments have weakened immune systems.

Another commenter showed their support for Kim’s decision not to meet with his manager about the survey, stating, “Glad you didn’t take the bait into meeting. Nurses are not supposed to meet with admin without representation. Good for you.”

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The American Nurses Association explains the current nursing shortage as due in part to difficult working conditions since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, coupled with the fact that, in 2020, the median age of nurses was 52 years old, “with more than one-fifth indicating intent to retire from nursing over the next 5 years.”

Their website also explained that “the US Bureau of Labor Statistics projects 194,500 average annual openings for registered nurses between 2020 and 2030.”

Kim’s role as a medical professional and care provider can’t be underestimated, especially as the need for healthcare professionals continues to grow.


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