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Postal Worker Trusts Her 'Gut Feeling' & Saves A Life After Noticing A Woman's Mail Piling Up For Days

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A postal employee notices a buildup of a customer's mail.

Growing up in a small town has its ups and downs. There aren’t many opportunities to meet new people or try new restaurants, and everyone knowing everyone can feel confining. However, living around people who know you well enough to care may just save your life.

This was the case for one New Hampshire woman when a stranger's attentiveness lead to her being rescued from an emergency.

A New Hampshire postal worker saved a woman’s life after noticing her mail piling up.

Kayla Berridge is a United States Postal Service employee in Newmarket, New Hampshire. The town has a population of just under 10,000 people, according to a 2021 census.

Berridge was walking her typical 9-mile delivery route on January 26th when a buildup of mail caught her eye. It belonged to a customer she frequently delivered to who is in her 80s.

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“I hadn’t seen her in a while, and I noticed her mail wasn’t getting picked up, so I got a little concerned,” Berridge said in an interview with CNN. The mail had been piling up for four days, and the woman’s car was still in her driveway. Berridge notified the postmaster, who requested a welfare check by the Newmarket Police Department.

The police department stated that Detective Wedgeworth was the first to arrive at the scene and reported hearing screams of “help” coming from inside the home. Then Officer McGloughlin, “familiar with the address,” arrived and gained entry based on previous contacts with the woman.

An assortment of items, like artwork and frames, were on top of her, pinning her to the ground. They determined she had been trapped for at least three days, possibly even longer.

Police believe she had grabbed onto her bed for support, but the items on it fell on top of her. The fire department transported her to a nearby hospital where she was treated for dehydration and hypothermia. However, the police say that she is expected to make a full recovery.

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As for Berridge, her explanation for noticing something was wrong is simple.

“I just had a gut feeling and wanted to make sure,” Berridge told WMUR 9

Lt. Wayne Stevens shared that Berridge had nearly daily communication with the woman, who often invited her in for tea. So, it’s no surprise she noticed something was wrong quicker than the police.

“Most people put a hold in if they’re not there,” Berridge said. “So when people pick up their mail every day, you start to notice their habits.”

“It’s crazy, just by paying attention to details, how much you can save someone’s life.”

Without Berridge's input, the woman's emergency may have gone unnoticed for much longer, a fact Lt. Stevens acknowledged while praising the quick-thinking mailperson. “We truly think that through Kayla’s action probably saved her life,” Lt. Wayne Stevens said.

They also labeled her a hero. And people under their Facebook announcement about the incident agreed. “Such an amazing story. Definitely a hero,” one person commented.

“God bless Kayla Berridge for paying attention and for going above and beyond her pay grade to help this poor woman from her potentially fatal accident by promptly notifying the proper authorities. She truly is a heroine!” another added.

Spoken like a true unsung hero, Berridge humbly dismissed the praise. “I don’t feel like it was anything. I feel like if people cared more and paid attention, it’s something that we should all do,” she said.

However, Berridge does not skip out on applauding her town’s tight-knit community. “Newmarket is a great little town,” Berridge said. “Everyone has each other’s backs.”

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