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Mom Shares Video Of 'Possessed' Teen Daughter Whose Drink Was Spiked With Drugs To Warn Others

Photo: Facebook 
still from mom's video of possessed daughter whose drink was spiked

What should have been a celebration of the easing of lockdown restrictions turned into a night of terror for one British teen.

Her mom has shared a video of her daughter looking "possessed" after her drink was spiked by a man in a nightclub, causing her to be rushed to hospital.

Millie Taplin, 18, from Essex in the UK, was out with friends in a nightclub for the first time since reaching the legal drinking age. But after accepting a drink from a man, she was rendered paralyzed for hours.

Watch the video below taken by mom Claire Taplin of "possessed" teen daughter Millie, whose drink was spiked at a nightclub.

The footage shows Millie lying in a hospital bed with her jaw and hands clenched appearing to be unable to speak.

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“This is what being spiked looks like,” Millie’s mother Claire Taplin wrote in a Facebook post alongside the new-viral video. “My daughter was lucky she had good friends that acted accordingly.”

“I knew everything going on,” said Millie later. “I could reply to people in my head but I couldn’t get it out.”

“It was really scary,” she continued. “In my head I was there but in my body I wasn’t. I’ve never felt like that.”

Her mother recounted her fear as she described Millie looking “possessed” due to the drugs.

Millie was drugged while out with friends.

Millie recalled meeting a group of men in the Essex club, some of whom were familiar to her. When one of the men from the group offered Millie a drink, she took a couple of sips and quickly began to feel unwell.

"I had a couple of sips of the drink and went to the smoking area. I came back and felt like I'd drunk too much, and then I went outside to be sick.”

Soon she was unable to speak or feel her hands before her friends decided to call her older sister and drive her to the emergency room.

Doctors told Millie’s mother that the teen had been slipped two drugs in the drink  — “one to paralyze and one to knock her out.”

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Millie’s mom hopes the video will save others from similar drugging experiences.

As disturbing as it is, if that saves one girl, just one, then it’s worth sharing," Claire told the Mirror, issuing a stern warning to parents and young people.

Millie says the incident has made her question whether or not she wants to go out to a bar or nightclub in the future saying she has never felt more terrified.

Speaking with Newsweek, she noted, "It's a shame because no one should have to feel like that!"

The prevalence of spiking incidents leaves many vulnerable to experiences like Millie’s.

In the UK, reports of spiking increased by 108% between 2015 and 2018, while, in the US, 8% of college students say they have been spiked.

Last year, a viral TikTok demonstrating how simple it is to slip drugs into drinks captured just how important it is to be cautious during nights out.

From refusing drinks from strangers, to keeping a close eye on your beverages at all times, to using anti-date rape drug products, the video encourages people to take all measures possible to avoid being spiked.

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