Mom Gets A Call From Her Ex's New Wife Demanding She Stop Taking $600 A Month In Child Support Because They 'Can't Survive' Without It

He's neglecting his responsibilities so much that he has his wife handle his child support payments.

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Co-parenting is not an easy task, especially if one parent is refusing to do their fair share of providing for the children. Many sets of parents, even if they are not together, can agree that they will do whatever it takes to ensure that their children are supported and well-cared for.

Unfortunately, some parents believe that they do not owe their children even the bare minimum.

One frustrated mother is sharing the difficult interaction she was forced to have with her ex-husband’s new wife after he failed to pay child support for four years. His new wife felt that he shouldn’t have to give a dime in child support costs.


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The mom's ex-husband's new wife demanded that she stop taking $600 a month in child support because they ‘can’t survive’ without it.

In a TikTok video that has been viewed over 2 million times in less than 24 hours, Brooklyn, a single mother of three, records a phone conversation with her ex-husband’s new wife, Emily, who argued why her husband, Jeff, could not pay child support for their two children.

Brooklyn shares that Emily is “not happy” about Child Support Enforcement garnishing their checks.




Garnishment is a legal procedure in which a person’s earnings are required by court order to be withheld by an employer for the payment of a debt, including child support.

Emily immediately blamed Brooklyn for the garnishing of her husband’s checks. However, Brooklyn was quick to remind her that the action had nothing to do with her and was enforced by Child Support Enforcement.

She urged Emily to call the Child Support Enforcement Office if she and Jeff were encountering issues. “They will not do anything until we go to court,” Emily claims.


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Emily and Jeff allegedly lived in a homeless shelter for 6 months and are struggling to make ends meet.

Brooklyn questions if her ex-husband and new wife are even employed since they appear to have no money to pay what he owes in child support. Emily argues that she “works 12-hour days” and “busts her a–-.”

“Why are you complaining about this money that Jeff owes to his kids?” the mother asks, genuinely concerned and confused.

“He doesn’t owe you $600 a godd--n month!” Emily fires back. “That’s ridiculous!”

At this point, Brooklyn can not contain her laughter over the woman’s misunderstanding of the child support payments,  putting a hand to her head.


“Can you imagine if somebody took $600 off your salary for you to survive?” the angry wife asks.

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“Yes, I could,” Brooklyn responds. She says that she works tirelessly to ensure that everybody and everything is taken care of financially.

The mother adds in the caption that her video is not directed toward dads who have “busted their a-– for their kids” and was instead posted to depict how an uninvolved father who fails to pay child support can affect a family.

“I will never feel sorry for someone who WILL not help themselves, let alone their kids,” she writes, slamming her own baby daddy.


Child support laws vary depending on the state, however, there are a few common denominators.

Failure to pay child support has severe consequences for noncustodial parents.

They can have their driver's license suspended, be charged with civil penalties, and even be incarcerated.

In a follow-up video, Brooklyn shares that her ex-husband has not paid child support for their two children since their divorce in 2019, despite submitting his pay stubs to the court so they could calculate how much he owes each week. He was required to pay $150 weekly.

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In December 2022, he received a letter in the mail from Child Support Enforcement threatening jail time if he did not start making his payments on time. Brooklyn added that her ex-husband has additional “legal issues” in other states that she did not specify that could land him in further trouble.

According to the mother, their children have not seen their father in over a year and a half since she is concerned about their safety with him. When Child Support Enforcement began garnishing the father’s checks, his wife blamed it on Brooklyn, falsely assuming that there was something she could have done to stop them.


Other TikTok users sided with the mother and slammed her baby daddy and his new wife.

“Girl do not back down. Your kids deserve that money. He should have been responsible from the get-go,” one user commented. “You are a better person than me for even taking her call. Your ex needs to step up and pay what he owes, bottom line, end of discussion,” another user wrote.

“You are the only one thinking about the kids HOLD YOUR GROUND,” a third user praised.

Brooklyn claims that even without the child support money her children are owed, they are doing “just fine” and she does everything she can to provide for them herself. Her children are and always will be her top priority, even if they are not their father’s.

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