Woman Gets A Heartfelt Letter From Her Sister After A Fight — Turns Out It Was Their Mom Tricking Them Into Making Up

Sibling rivalries can get ugly, but not this one thanks to a mom who had a clever plan to resolve her daughters' argument.

Mom writing note pretending to be daughters TikTok

After having a fight with her sibling, a woman named Ariel on TikTok went back to her room and discovered that a note had been left on her pillow, allegedly from her sister.

It was addressed to her, and the note said it was from her sister, but Ariel knew better and realized that there was someone else that was up to no good.

Ariel’s mom wrote a note pretending to be her sister apologizing after their fight.

“I thought my little sister wrote me a note, but realized…” Ariel wrote in the text overlay for her 49-second TikTok video that received over 5.9 million views. After removing the paper clip that held the note together, she unfolded the letter and read the content that was written in marker.


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“I am sorry for not letting you use my iPad. I love you!” Ariel’s mom wrote. “That’s not her handwriting,” Ariel wrote immediately after. She walked over to the bathroom where her sister was showering and confronted her about the note.


“Is there a reason I got a note that says that you’re sorry even though it’s in mom’s handwriting?” Ariel asks her sister, who responds from behind the shower curtain.

“I got the same note that said ‘you’re the smartest’ or, something about being the smartest person and the smartest person award,” her sister responded back, “and then she drew a trophy. It’s in mom’s handwriting.”

The sisters were able to catch on quickly, and her sibling shared her thoughts and how she knew it was definitely their mom, saying “I know [she] set that s--t up, it’s on the same paper that she colored with last night.”

“Why is she trying to sibling trap us, bro?” Ariel asks. “Just like let us hate each other in peace you know what I mean?” She doesn’t seem to be taking it entirely seriously and just thinks it was a funny thing that her mom did.


“That’s what I said this morning! She was a little b--ch about it,” her sister responded, prompting a “Well that’s mom for you,” from Ariel. They unintentionally bonded because of this interaction, making the mom’s efforts fruitful even if they don’t realize it — everyone in the comments agreed.

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Ariel made a post explaining the situation and asked her mom if that was her plan.

She explained the dynamics between her and her two sisters — she fights with the older of the two sisters verbally but fights physically with her younger one.

“So I started beating her with her own shoe because she wouldn’t let me play with her iPad,” she explains, “but then the tables turned because she ended up getting her shoe and starting to beat me.”


Her older sister wanted nothing to do with their fight as things escalated when Ariel “grabbed a cord and was going to choke her because she called me Ronald McDonald.”



According to a new YouGov poll from February 2023, “nearly half of Americans with at least one sibling (46%) say they had rivalries when growing up.” However, these sisters aren’t taking things as far as some siblings might.

The things that Ariel’s mom doesn’t see, however, are how close the pair are and their phone conversations “that last hours” and their late nights hanging out. They fight about things and get over them seconds late, Ariel claims. But their mom knew that they would figure it out from the start and said that her plan “was for you two to laugh about how silly it was that I wrote the letters.”


“But my plan was not for you guys to dog me for a good five minutes in the bathroom,” she says, referring to how they were ragging on her after Ariel discovered she was behind it all. Either way, it worked, so the mom should chalk this one up as a win.

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