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Dog Saves Owner's Life By Leading Police Officers To Him After He Was Ejected From Car During Crash

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Tinsley and Cam Laundry

We all know that dogs are too good for us. A German Shepherd named “Tinsley” proved that, once again, on January 3 when she played a vital role in saving her owner's life.

A police officer was responding to a report of a dog that was loose on a highway on the New Hampshire-Vermont border but when the officer found the dog in question, she soon led him to a shocking discovery.

Tinsley the dog saved her owner by alerting police to a car crash.

Tinsley was loose but was certainly not lost. Once the officer found 1-year-old Tinsley, she led the officer to her severely injured owner, who had been ejected from his vehicle when it rolled over off of the highway, as well as another passenger.

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The responding officer was seemingly unaware of the emergency until Tinsley led them to the scene.

Cam Laundry and his passenger were experiencing what could only be described as a nightmare on Monday night when his car rolled and both he and his passenger were injured after being ejected during the crash. A

s the cold winter night blanketed the scene of the accident, hypothermia was setting in for both Laundry and his passenger.

The German Shepherd was the only one aware of the accident.

Nobody except Tinsley could have saved the pair when she made her way onto the highway — where someone reported that a dog was loose on the road.

When the responding officer, Trooper Sandberg, tried to get close to the dog, Tinsley took off toward the scene of the accident.

Miraculously, Tinsley wasn’t hurt during the accident and had made it her mission to find help for Laundry and his passenger.

Lieutenant Daniel Baldassarre later said of Tinsley. “It was kind of, 'Follow me. Follow me.' And they did that and you know, to their surprise to see the guardrail damaged and to look down to where the dog is looking at, it's just, they were almost in disbelief.”

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Lieutenant Baldassarre also described the dire condition that police found the two men in, “they discovered a truck which had been overturned with two gentlemen that were ejected from the vehicle… At that time, there was some hypothermia had set in. It's unclear how long they were out of the vehicle for. The dog also was wet, so you can tell it'd been outside for a little bit”

Cam Laundry has made a speedy recovery.

Luckily for both Cam Laundry and his passenger, Tinsley had brought help quickly and they can probably thank her for their quick recovery.

Cam Laundry looked to be in good health in his interview and he credits Tinsley with their rescue as well, “We were shaken up, didn't know what was happening. Next thing we know, the cops were there, and it was all because of her.” 

After the accident Laundry said of Tinsley, “She's my little guardian angel. It's a miracle that she had that kind of intelligence to do what she did.”

Tinsley was even good enough to stand by while emergency responders worked on her owner and the passenger.

As this good girl deserves, Tinsley can likely expect many pets, treats, and hearty meals in her future.

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