Mom Slams Son's School After He Was Sexually Assaulted In Class But Officials Never Told Her

They kept it from her until he told her himself.

Left: image of classroom. Right: TikTok screenshot of the principal the mother confronted Lopolo/Shutterstock/TikTok

A mother’s TikTok went viral when she shared her situation that any parent would dread.

Miki Ann (or @geminikatz610) on TikTok posted a video sharing that her son had been sexually assaulted by another student in school, but that student was still in school with him.

Even more shocking is that the school never notified her of the situation or of the danger her son could be in.

The mother’s viral TikTok claims that her son’s school never told her about his sexual assault.

The first video on the topic shows her talking with the principal about the situation.


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In the clip, the principal reveals that the mother of the other student was informed about the situation, and he says that they’re currently investigating it and trying to figure out what they will do with the other child.


The mother is understandably upset in the video, and asks, “So his parent was informed about this?”

The principal confirms this with a nod, but when she asks follow-up questions, he shuts her down, saying he cannot talk to her about it.

At this point, she starts to point out the crux of the problem, and says, “You didn’t inform me about it. My child informed me about both situations that happened in this school. Not you.”

The school doesn’t seem very worried about the situation.

In the video, the mother’s claims are clear. According to her, the student, who reportedly sits behind her son in class, sexually assaulted her son by grabbing his butt.


He also allegedly threatened to r*pe her son.

However, when she faces the principal with these offenses and wonders why more isn’t being done to keep the student away from her son, he seems unwilling to act quickly about the situation.

First, the principal seems like he wants to disagree with her when she says that her son was sexually assaulted — until she spells it out that she was talking about the first incident when she says, “Grabbing his a** is sexually assaulting him. That is sexual assault.”

Then she brings up the later threat, saying that the same student was later “telling him he’s gonna r*pe him.”

To this the principal merely says, “It’s inappropriate, I agree.”


Then, the mother asks, “And you’re still gonna have this child in the school?”

In response to this, the principal says nothing, but simply nods.

The comments agreed with the mother’s worries.

Almost all of the comments were appalled by the situation that the school has further complicated.

Many focused on the unworried attitude that the principal and the school has, either poking holes in his statements or suggesting legal action to the mother.

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One popular comment in particular pointed out how he downplayed the situation by writing, “’It’s inappropriate’…Sir, it’s illegal.” Another urged her to “press charges against the school.”


Additionally, another agreed with the mother’s frustration at not being informed, writing, “You inform one set of parents, you inform BOTH sets. Full stop. Completely inappropriate.”

The mother posted a follow-up video about one week later.

In the follow-up, she urges eager TikTok users not to contact the school and to allow her “go about this the right way.”



She provides an update on the situation, confirming that she made a police report regarding the situation and that she has spoken to detectives and the board of education about it as well.


She says that “there’s an investigation still going on.”

However, the board of education told her that “the child is no longer allowed back at school, and he has been permanently removed.”

She adds that she is currently talking with local news to have her story shared, and she closes out her update video by thanking those who supported her through this process.


She says, “I just want to say thank you to everybody for their support for me and my son. I really appreciate it.

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