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Mom Says Hairstylist Insisted Her 7-Year-Old Stay With Her Alone For Hair Appointment

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Usually, when a child has an appointment, whether it be at the doctor or haircut, they are accompanied by their parents. It's basic safety and it helps stop kids from misbehaving in front of strangers.

However, one mother was left confused and shocked when her child's hairstylist had a different plan in mind.

The hairstylist requested that her 7-year-old daughter attend her appointment alone.

In a TikTok video that has been viewed over 500,000 times, China Anntrice (@chinaanntrice) shares that she booked a hair appointment for her seven-year-old daughter after finding the stylist on Instagram. 

However, the stylist had one bizarre rule that Anntrice shared with other TikTok users. 

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“Hey y’all, so I need your opinion on something, and I want I want y’all to be honest with me,” Anntrice starts her video. 

She revealed that she follows a hairstylist on Instagram who often posts the work she does for her clients. Her work caught the attention of Anntrice, who is particular about who styles her children’s hair. 

“I noticed that she braids [hair] really well on kids and adults,” she says. “My baby has a lot of hair, so I’m concerned about who braids her hair I don’t let her go to just anybody.” 

Anntrice decided to book an appointment for her daughter with the stylist. 

After sending the stylist the deposit, Anntrice browsed the stylist’s website, which stated that no extra guests were allowed to accompany clients during their appointments. 

Additionally, the stylist had texted Anntrice the appointment details with the reminder of no extra guests. 

Anntrice was confused as to why the stylist kept repeating her rule, but she tried to understand where she was coming from and concluded that the stylist likely didn’t want any added distractions while she was working. 

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She also assumed that she would be allowed to accompany her daughter since she was a minor. 

However, when Anntrice and her daughter arrived at the stylist’s home for the appointment, the stylist texted Anntrice that she could walk her daughter up to the front door, however, she was not allowed inside. 

Anntrice disagreed with the stylist’s request since they were ultimately strangers and she did not feel comfortable leaving her daughter alone during her appointment. 

“First of all, I don’t know you from a man on the moon, secondly she’s [her daughter] seven years old,” Anntrice says. 

She ultimately decided to let her daughter go to the appointment while she waited in the car after watching the stylist’s husband leave with their kids and there were fewer people in the home. 

“How do y’all feel about this policy?” Anntrice captioned her video. 

Many TikTok users agreed with Anntrice and thought the policy was unreasonable and unsafe. 

“Nah I would NEVER leave my daughter alone with a stranger. Ever,” one user shared. 

“Nope, I absolutely understand no extra guests but I’m a parent, not an extra guest,” another user commented. 

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“Needs to specify, no parents/guardians if kids are being serviced. With that being said I wouldn’t leave a child alone. I’m not booking with them,” another user wrote. 

Others suggested that the stylist should have a waiting room for parents in her home. 

“She needs a waiting room for parents. I would not leave a child under 16 with some new stylists,” one user pointed out. 

However, other users defended the stylist’s policy. 

“I braid hair & 95% of the mothers leave their children. They act so much better without parents there. I get both pov [point of view] though,” one user commented. 

“As a kid braider, I know kids act worse when the parent is there. So I get her POV. Parents don’t have to leave but leave out of the kid's view,” another user pointed out. 

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