A Mom Says She Can’t Get A Job Because She’s Covered In Tattoos — ‘I’m Always Going To Be Myself’

She says that she can't seem to fit in with other people, but would accept a job if she were offered it.

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A heavily tattooed mom revealed she has trouble finding employment because of how much ink she has all over her body and face.

Melissa Sloan, 45, from Wales, U.K., shared in an interview with Mirror UK that she has an "addiction" to tattoos which has led to her covering every inch of her body in ink. It's gotten to the point where Sloan admitted that she has "lost count" of how many tattoos she has.


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Sloan revealed that she is unable to find employment anywhere because of how heavily tattooed she is.

While Sloan has a deep passion for tattoos, that passion has unfortunately meant she can not find a job anywhere, as no one wants to hire her because of how she looks.

She told Mirror that while she has had jobs in the past, they never last very long. “I can’t get a job. They won’t have me. I applied for a job cleaning toilets where I live and they won’t have me because of my tattoos," she said. “But, if someone offered me a job tomorrow I would go and work — I would take that offer. I expected this in life, I can’t fit in with people as I like to be me and I’m always going to be myself.”


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Sloan, a mother of two, explained that for years, she's spent countless hours getting tattoos, and when she started running out of space, she began going over old designs. While she admits to getting weird looks from people who pass her on the streets, she claims it won't stop her from getting more art permanently inked on her body.

Her tattoos, she revealed, are her way of coping with abuse that she says she suffered from her brother, Gavin Sloan, who has since been imprisoned for sexual assaults and rape against children. 


"I told my mum but we were both small children and she brushed it off. She didn’t really believe me,” she said. “But it carried on and it got worse when I was in my teens. Gavin and I shared a bedroom, and he took every chance he could to grope me." As she's gotten older, Sloan said that getting her tattoos has helped "cover the emotional scars" left by her half-brother. 

Sloan shared that she gets multiple tattoos done in a single week.

In an interview with Daily Star, Sloan said that in a single week, she can get up to three tattoos done. 

"It's like when you have a [cigarette] or a drink, you get addicted. I can't stop it now, it's addictive, for me anyway. I just can't stop it," she said. "I carry the [tattoo] gun around with me in [the trunk of my car]. I'll get one in the car or anywhere. My boyfriend does them, he does my tattoos prison style."

As a result of having tattoos all over her body and face, people have given Sloan the nickname "Crazy Melissa." 


"People call me Crazy Melissa, but I just feel like Melissa — that’s who I am,” she said. “If they don’t like it, they don’t have to look at me — I take no notice. There are some judgmental people out there, they judge you whatever. People stare at me, you get used to it.”

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