Mom Shares Photo Of Daughter Crying After She Didn't Make The Volleyball Team & Tells Her To 'Suck It Up Buttercup'

She was criticized for posting her daughter's business on the internet instead of letting it be a conversation between just the two of them.

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After a woman's teenage daughter failed to make the sports team at her school, instead of being supportive, she decided to post about it on social media.

The post subsequently went viral on Facebook, and later shared on Twitter, where the mother was criticized for being way too mean to her own child, and embarrassing her by posting photos of her in tears after being rejected from the team.

She mocked her daughter for not making her school's volleyball team.

In the Facebook post, the mother photographed her daughter right after being rejected by the team. The young girl was clearly distressed, wiping at her eyes as she walked back to the car, where her mom was snapping photos of her through the window.


In the caption, the mom explained why her daughter was visibly upset, which is where many people felt she may have gone too far. "This is a hard post to write and it may be a hard post to read as well," she began.

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She explained that her daughter had tried out for her seventh-grade junior high school volleyball team, but unfortunately wasn't given a spot. It's no surprise that the young girl was obviously devastated by being rejected from a team that she most likely was looking forward to being a part of.


"She has been crying for two hours now. Sure, it is really hard to watch and comfort a child that you birthed when they are upset ... but also ... suck it up buttercup," she continued. 

The young girl's mom then went on to bash her daughter and admitted that when she was her age, she made all of the sports teams she had ever tried out for. "I don't have experience with this situation personally because in my childhood and teenage years I made every team easily!"

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"I went outside and played softball, basketball, [and] volleyball from the time I woke up until the time [my] mom called me in for supper," she added, noting how much time she dedicated to staying in shape in between playing sports.


If that wasn't enough, she then blamed her daughter for being on her phone and spending time on different social media accounts instead of dedicating any free time she had to practice so she would have been able to make the volleyball team.

"We didn't have TikTok, Facebook, Snapchat, video games, group texts, etc when I was growing up," she candidly stated in her post. "I just knew the fun of sports."

She claimed that after giving her daughter a bunch of "hugs and kisses" after being rejected, she informed her daughter that if she ever wanted to make a sports team in the future, she would need to "put down the phone and go get it!"

"Work for it. Put in the time every single day. If you don't want it that bad then pick something else and I will support you!" she concluded.


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People accused the mom of essentially making fun of her daughter in an online post.

"Why would you even take a photo of this moment much less post it, much less use it to talk about how much she sucks?" one Twitter user pointed out.

Another user agreed, writing, "I understand the mom's angle of 'keep working and you'll get there,' but... once again... it didn't need to be shared with the internet masses. This is a mom/kid conversation. No one else needs to be privy to it. It's no one's business."

However, other users defended the mother and argued that she was simply trying to teach her daughter a valuable lesson instead of coddling her.


"First, the parent should not have posted this for others to see. I think they’re projecting. Put down YOUR phone and comfort your child and provide them with warm but firm advice," a third user chimed in.

"But, I don’t think they’re necessarily wrong — you’ve got to put in the work if you want something."

A fourth user remarked, "If you want something go out and work for it! Drop your phone and get to work great parents! I like it."


Hopefully, this mom learns that instead of blasting her daughter on social media, she should try and show a bit more compassion while also encouraging her daughter to work harder without feeling the need to criticize her in the process.

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