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Mom Learns 6-Year-Old Autistic Son Was Allegedly Abused By School Bus Driver After Seeing Viral Video

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A Detroit mother was upset to learn her autistic son had been abused on a school bus, after the post went viral on Facebook. 

According to WXYZ Detroit, mom Talysha Oldham, who has worked as a substitute teacher for 10 years, was told after the ride that Adriel couldn’t ride on the school bus anymore, but was never told by authorities or her son's school what had occurred. 

When the video began circulating on Facebook, Adriel’s father was the first one to tell Talysha that it was their son. 

A video appears to show a bus driver restraining Adriel, who has severe autism.

The disturbing video shows Adriel screaming for help as the bus driver appears to be sitting on him while another child is recording. 

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“First thing I heard was my son screaming, then I could see this lady sitting on my son and striking him,” Oldham said.

The mother was never told what happened. 

This incident actually occurred in November 2021. That same week, the mom had gone to two meetings that week to discuss Adriel’s behavior and IEP (Individualized Learning Plan). She had no knowledge of the incident. 

Oldham said It appeared as though the bus was filled with more kids than normal. 

On this day the bus driver told Talysha that her son had attacked her on the bus, but failed to mention what happened and how it escalated to what we can now see in the video. 

The mother also said Adriel’s speaking is limited. 

“He can tell you his basic needs whether he's hungry or if he has to use the restroom, he can't tell you if he's been harmed or if someone has done something to him,” Oldham said.

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Although Oldham has seen her son have a outbursts before, with correct treatment he can be calmed. 

“Even if she had a difficult time with him, she could have handled that differently. She could have pulled the bus over, she could have called dispatch and let them know she had a problem,” Oldham said. 

The bus driver and attendant have been suspended. 

According to WXYZ Detroit, the Detroit Public Schools Community said in a statement, “The District is aware of the incident and video circulating through social media. Both the bus driver (employee of the bus company) and attendant (district employee) have been removed from servicing DPSCD students and schools pending an investigation regarding the incident.” 

Oldham responded to the statement that they had been fired and said, “as they should be, because when you work with kids, especially kids with disabilities, you should be trained.” 

However, Oldham has since filed a police report. 

“I would like to press charges on her, I would like CPS involved,” Oldham said. 

As for Adriel, he is currently being homeschooled. He has been to several doctors to make sure he was not injured from the incident or have any lingering issues. 

A detective from the Detroit Public Schools Investigative Unit is currently investigating the case and Oldham has hired an attorney. 

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