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Mom Gives Son's Inheritance To The Wife And Baby He Abandoned

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Providing an inheritance is one last way parents can make sure their children are taken care of once they're gone. Sadly, there are many situations in which those set to receive those assets have proven their loyalties don't lie with their families while they have them.

Such was the case for one woman and her husband who found themselves debating whether or not their son was deserving of any inheritance. Taking to Reddit, one mother explained the divide in her family.

The mother and her husband cut their son out of their will after he cheated on and abandoned his wife and child.

“My son (24) mistreated and eventually cheated on his now ex-wife while she was 3 months post-partum,” the mother wrote in the since-deleted Reddit post. “He is leaving town to go be with the other woman and seemingly has no regrets.”

Left with nothing and nowhere to go, the parents took the son's now ex-wife and child in. Further, they decided that whatever they were going to give their son, they would instead give to their daughter-in-law and her newborn. After hearing about his getting taken off the will, the son began "going on a campaign to guilt and shame me and my husband for the decision we've made."

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Unfortunately, the mother explained that the situation divided their family, who expected the parents to choose a side.

"Sadly, many family members are taking his side and calling my daughter-in-law now ‘an outsider’ or ‘not family’ saying we're making a mistake that will cost us our son,” the woman wrote. “We are getting heat and criticism and it's bothersome and exhausting, but we're standing our ground because we feel like it's only fair to make sure our grandbaby and his mother get a stable life after what my son did to them.”

People on Reddit showed compassion that the poster’s family members did not.

"Your son is mad that he won’t get part of the will Bc he’s your son but isn’t registering that he isn’t taking care of HIS child," one of the top comments noted. The comment calls to attention the fact that the son was expecting to be provided for despite not providing for his own son, and more people congratulated the parents for doing so. “I'm proud of you for putting an innocent baby and its mother first in this instead of doing the ‘my son can do no wrong’ bs,” one person wrote.

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Despite the son's poor behavior, some people noted that he may be going through a mental health crisis that's affecting his actions. In fact, research shows that one in 10 men suffer from postpartum depression, which can be characterized by anger and withdrawal from family. This prompted some people to suggest such a decision not be made so soon, giving the son time to come around. 

Unfortunately, death waits for no one and nothing, so the parents may feel they don't have a choice but to make sure their grandchild is taken care of in the here and now. Ultimately, it's the parents' decision what they choose to do with their money.

"Your son decided to be a bad father and abandon your grandbaby," one person commented. "You decided to help and I think that's wonderful. Your son is an adult and can make his own way in the world.”

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