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Mom Creates ‘First Time Sex Starter Kit’ Series With 16-Year-Old Son

Chloe Macintosh, son

A mother of two and her oldest son, 16, have collaborated on a crash course aimed towards young people experiencing sex for the first time.

Chloe Macintosh, a French entrepreneur based in London, said she came up with the idea for the service when she overheard her son, Felix, discussing sex with his 19-year-old cousin.

McIntosh added that she could never talk about sex in her youth and she wants Felix and her youngest son Elliot, 14, to experience healthy relationships in the future.

The mom has now launched the 'First Time Sex Starter Kit' with her teen son.

“We never learn how to relate, to create intimacy, to listen, to touch,” McIntosh told the Huffington Post.

“So the content we wanted to put out there is more than some tips to put a condom on, but more relating to the experience and making is as relaxed and comfortable as possible.”

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Macintosh said that her sons initially resisted talking about sex with their mother, but grew more comfortable with doing so over time.

She began to record more and more conversations to use in the course as her sons became more open to the idea.

The 20-video series has Felix asking a sex coach various questions he has about intimacy. Some of the questions he asks include “Where are the secret spots we aren’t told about?” and “If she’s experiencing a bit of pain and you can feel there is a bit of resistance in the body, what should you do?”

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Macintosh said that a goal of the series is to encourage teenagers to more openly discuss sex with their family and peers.

Macintosh is taking sex-positive parenting to new levels.

The series is available on Kama, a sexual education app that McIntosh developed in 2020 while in lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The app offers guides on sex-related subjects such as overcoming sexual anxiety and experimenting in foreplay.

The app is for people of all ages but the "First Time Sex Starter Kit" series is targeted towards parents and teenagers who are navigating that ever-awkward period in which teens are discovering sexual pleasure for the first time.

Kama’s mission, as described by its page on the App Store, is to “help you have better sex and experience more pleasure, whether that’s alone or with a partner.”

The description continues, “Kama is your go-to place for expert-curated, practical, sex and pleasure education. We are creating a social movement aimed at transforming the conversation around sex and intimacy by building a community of sexual explorers.”

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