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Mom Catches Her Teen Son Sneaking Drinks Of Alcohol And Swaps It With Apple Cider Vinegar

Teen son drinking apple cider vinegar

Teenagers in high school are bound to be curious about what it’s like to drink alcohol seeing as it’s one of those cultural phenomenons that everyone seems to have fun doing. Although not every teenager will figure out a way to experiment with that curiosity, one mom’s teen boy did.

Under the TikTok @RingBlingLove, one mom posted a video of the way she decided to react to her son sneaking drinks behind her and her husband’s back.

The mom pranked her son by replacing the alcohol with apple cider vinegar inside a bottle of Captain Morgan.

“When you discover your teenager has been sneaking shots of Captain Morgan so you dump it out and secretly replace it with apple cider vinegar and then tell him you and dad talked and decided he could have one drink,” she says at the start of the video.

She shows a nearly empty bottle of Captain Morgan spiced rum next to a (watered down) bottle of Apple Cider Vinegar from Kroger’s. The two liquids look very similar in color and, if you were none-the-wiser, you might think that they were the same.

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Apple cider vinegar, however, smells and tastes entirely different from spiced rum, and in the unfortunate happenstance moments before the young teen's swig, he fails to smell the contents of the bottle first in a move that would have saved him from drinking the rancid stuff.

The mom starts the video, showing her teen son in front of her, holding the bottle of Captain Morgan. He appears incredulous that his mother would truly allow him to drink some spiced rum in front of her, but incredulity quickly turns into confidence as he shows off that this isn’t his first time drinking from the bottle.

He throws the bottle upside down and takes a hefty mouthful of what he thought would be Captain Morgan and brings his head back down once he’s finally tasted the apple cider vinegar that his mom pranked him with.

His face quickly scrunches up in disgust with what he has just tasted and says “wooo that is expired. Oh sh--,” before looking away and trying to manage the rancid taste.

Almost immediately after his reaction, the mom and dad burst out into laughter — the dad laughing especially hard as he watches on from a distance.

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Not long after taking the drink, her son realizes what she had done to it.

“Is that vinegar?!” he asks, looking betrayed by his parents. The question, however, sparked another guffaw from his parents and the look of betrayal quickly took on one of disgust before he confirms “that is vinegar” and laughs along with the joke.

“That is disgusting,” the teen says as he walks over to the sink and prepares to empty out the contents into the sink. Clearly, he didn’t enjoy the special surprise.

Thankfully, everyone seemed to have a little fun with the prank and no one was hurt in the process of drinking the apple cider vinegar.

In fact, according to WebMD, apple cider vinegar actually has several reported health benefits attached to it. It may be capable of aiding in weight loss, lowering blood sugar and cholesterol, and contains probiotics that may leave a positive impact on your gut health.

Maybe the teen should spend some time brainstorming a cocktail for the future.

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