Teens' Behavior Has Gotten So Bad, Even Miami Doesn't Want Their Spring Break Money

"It's time to move on."

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With spring break quickly approaching, many college students are trading in their winter jackets for swimsuits as they prepare to flock to more tropical climates. However, one popular spring break destination is begging students to take their celebrations elsewhere since they are known to wreak havoc on their city. 

The city of Miami is urging college spring breakers to stay away this year. 

With sunny skies, endless beaches, and a variety of different restaurants within a one-block radius, it’s no wonder why hundreds of thousands of college students choose to spend their spring break in Miami, Florida. While some students spend their time in the city unwinding from class stress by lounging on the beach, taking a swim in the warm waters and enjoying room service in hotel rooms, countless others make it their mission to consume as much alcohol as possible, blast music loud enough for the entire city to hear and cause enough of a public disturbance to land them in handcuffs. 




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In March 2023, over 488 college students were arrested and 105 firearms were seized during spring break. The city enforced a curfew for South Beach starting at 11:59 PM after two people were fatally shot during the festivities. 


This year, Miami law enforcement is cracking down on spring breakers in hopes of reducing the chaos that has plagued the city each year during spring break. 

“It will be difficult to get into our city, and once you get here, the expectation is you play by the rules,” Chief Wayne Jones from the Miami Police Department warned rowdy college students in a press conference ahead of spring break. 



Some of these new rules include a $100 fee to park near beaches, passing through security checkpoints and bag checks at the entrances of some beaches, and closing all liquor stores by 8 p.m.


Newly-elected Miami Beach Mayor Steven Meiner said that unruly spring breakers threaten the city’s safety. 

“It’s not just bad for our businesses, it’s bad for our residents, it’s bad for our tourists,” he told CBS News of the spring break crimes. “I have a responsibility as mayor to keep everyone safe.” 

Meiner is confident that the new rules will slash crime rates this year. 

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The Miami Beach government believes that the only way to ensure safety is by deterring springbreakers from visiting at all. 

An ad that has accumulated over 15 million views on X (formerly known as Twitter) is aimed at college students who plan on spending their spring break in Miami, and attempts to convince them to travel elsewhere. The city is looking to “break up” with spring breakers who demolish Miami during their visit. 


“It’s not us, it’s you,” a woman in the PSA stated. “We just want different things.” 

“You just want to get drunk in public and ignore laws,” another woman in the ad continued. 


“Maybe we can talk when you’re done with your spring break phase,” the ad concluded. 

While it is unknown if the ad has actually turned away potential spring breakers, many people agreed with the city’s decision to crack down on strict policies during spring break to avoid complete chaos. 

“Spring breakers, stay out of our city!” one user exclaimed. 

However, others couldn't help but wonder if the PSA was a method of reverse psychology and if Miami would only attract more tourists because of it. 

“Wait, isn't that video just like telling us 'don't push the red button?’ Wink wink, guess we know where the party's at!” one X user suggested. 


“They’re literally asking for trouble with this ad, people will come in droves just to prove a point,” another user wrote. 

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Some wonder why college students feel the need to disrespect rules and regulations when they travel for spring break and cause public embarrassment. 

After all, they are supposed to be acting like the civilized adults some of them claim to be. 



The truth is, there could be a variety of reasons. 


There is often an expectation, perpetuated by media and popular culture, that spring break should be a time for wild and uninhibited behavior. Students may feel compelled to live up to these expectations in order to fit in or to have a memorable experience. 

Substance abuse is also often associated with spring break trips, and the consumption of alcohol and drugs can impair judgment and increase the likelihood of engaging in reckless or impulsive behavior. College can be stressful, and spring break offers students a chance to temporarily escape from academic pressures and responsibilities. 

However, there is a way to destress without being reckless. There are no regulations against sitting on the beach, taking in the sun, and reading a book, for example.


Miami Warns College Kids Not To Come For Spring Break Photo: oneinchpunch / Shutterstock 

It is also important to note that you can still have a fun spring break without creating mayhem. No one is stopping you from going out to dinner with your friends and enjoying nightlife all while drinking responsibly and making wise choices. 

So if you plan on traveling to Miami for spring break this year, respect the rules! They’re only implemented for your safety. 


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