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Meteorologist Mom Melts Hearts By Giving Weather Forecast Alongside Her 3-Month-Old Baby

Photo: Twitter / CBSNews
Jennifer Schuld on air

CBS Milwaukee viewers were in for an unexpected surprise when meteorologist Rebecca Schuld appeared on screen with a baby on her hip. 

Schuld could be seen holding her adorable 13-month-old daughter Fiona while describing one of the coldest nights across Wisconsin. 

The meteorologist mom melted hearts by giving the weather report with her her baby. 

Schuld said, “She’s prepared. She’s got one of her good thick blankies here for that cold weather that’s coming up tonight,” 

She continued, “I thought she could help me with tonight’s first weather that’s going to be pretty unpleasant, right?”

However, Schuld admitted to Yahoo Life, Fiona’s cameo wasn’t planned. 

“I was just minutes away from having my next weather broadcast, and my baby had just woken up,” Schuld said. 

“I go over to my greenwall. I’m holding her and our producer is like, ‘Oh, your baby, is she gonna make an appearance?' I was very confident she was going to behave because she just took a long nap so I knew she'd be happy. I said, 'sure!'”

The new mother said she felt guilty originally. 

The meteorologist said for a split second she felt guilty and explained, “we’re supposed to put on a certain face.” 

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But that guilt quickly subsided. 

She explained, “This is real life. This is what everyone else is also doing. They work, their kids are sick, or their kids are crying in the background. It's always a challenge when you have kids in the mix, but that's what so many of us are doing everyday. So why are we hiding them?"

Schuld hopes her experience lifted some of that guilt parents put on themselves. 

"I am still getting my work done. And, yes, do I have to put a pause on it if there's something going on with the baby? Sure. But that's life, right?" Schuld said. 

She has been met with a lot of positive feedback online. 

Many people on Twitter seem to agree Fiona’s appearance brought joy to them. 

Co-worker Nicole Koglin from CBS58 tweeted, “Crazy amounts of cute during this forecast.” 

She also finished the post with the hashtag real life. 

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Another Twitter user Jennifer Fox responded saying, “As working moms, let’s stop pretending that it’s clear skies all of the time. Kudos to @CBS58 and @RebeccaSchuld for spotlighting real work life balance with a baby on the hip.” 

According to Kansas City, Schuld later appeared in segment discussing the balance between work and home life, especially with small children. 

Schuld tweeted, “We’re shining a [light] on what real life actually looks like, trying to do it all & how Covid has changed the way we conduct work. And we’re crushing it every day.” 

Schuld is continuing to advocate for parental leave and working from home which has given her the ability to bond with her adorable little girl! 

“She giggles now in the last couple of weeks. She is cooing and all these things that now I had been able to see because I'm here with her. That's the best part” Schuld told Yahoo. 

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