Men Recorded Talking About How They Would Kill Their Partners In Public Restroom

This is terrifying.

TikTok of men plotting partner's deaths TikTok

A man minding his business in a bathroom stall was privy to a concerning conversation between two other customers and documented the horrifying discussion.

The original TikTok video, which had received over 1.8 million views, was deleted from the platform but not before other viewers reacted to the conversation.

In the TikTok, a customer recorded men discussing how they would kill their partners.

In the now-deleted video, the TikTok user begins recording from inside a stall while men can be heard discussing something outside.


One voice suggested to “James” that he could remove his wife’s breathing device while scuba diving. James decided against this plan though, apparently because his wife was better at swimming than him. 

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The two men also make a reference to a plan about drugging the wife, but that was crossed off the list as well.

The video was deleted and reposted by a user with the caption “I have NEVER heard women talking like this. NEVER.” 



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Continued in the video, the man named James had suggested that he should take his wife on a hike and “push her off a f—ing cliff”.

Towards the end of the recording, James said “I have been in absolute bliss… you know why? Positivity, buddy."

The most shocking aspect of this video is the casual cruelty with how they speak, and the fact that they are discussing this in a public bathroom. What makes some men so emboldened to speak this way in bathrooms? Do they think no one will care? 

We asked psychotherapist and relationship Janet Whitney about where this dangerous behavior in male friend groups stems from and what role men play in calling this behavior out in their own lives.


"Putting down women and joking about marriage and wives has been a long-accepted practice — a bit like "locker room talk," Whitney tells us.

Whitney tells us that, while this kind of conversation could be passed off as a joke, it must be called out and stopped before any violence escalates.

She says overlooking these jokes, "creates more support of violence as a solution."

"This mentality and talk need to stop and problem-solving skills and communication need to increase."

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TikTok users have previously been accused of normalizing violence against women.

While this particular video is being used to call out men who think it's ok to talk about their partners in this way, the app has also perpetuated that same problem. 


This incident of two men talking about murder sounded a lot like a twisted TikTok trend that went viral back in March.

The trend consisted of boys and men posting on their accounts about how they would take a girl on a date just to kill them. 

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