Man Who Cheated On His Wife With Ukrainian Refugee Dumps Her As Police Get Called To His Home

Who could have seen this coming...

Sofiia Karkadym, Tony Garnett Instagram

The British man who left his wife for the Ukrainian refugee they were housing has broken up with his new lover just four months after ending his 10-year relationship.

Distraught, 22-year-old Sofiia Karkadym made an attempt to win back her 30-year-old security guard boyfriend, Tony Garnett, by showing up at his house and professing her love for him — only he didn’t answer the door.

Ukraine refugee Sofiia Karkadym was arrested by police after trying to kick down Tony Garnett’s front door.

After Garnett broke off their four-month-long relationship, Karkadym tried to win him back over the weekend by showing up at his house and yelling to him that she loved him — while also trying to kick the door down.


Neighbors overheard the commotion and dialed 999 — the number used to reach the police in the UK.

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When two vehicles with blue flashing lights arrived, Karkadym scaled a garden wall and disappeared into the night, leading two police officers on a chase through the neighborhood before finding her hidden in bushes in Bradford, West Yorkshire.

Footage of her arrest was captured by neighbors where she can be heard screaming “Tony, I love you. Please come with me.”


“The police asked me several times on Monday whether I wanted them to press charges against her,” Garnett told Mail Online on September 27, 2022. “But I told them that I did not want her to be prosecuted. I wanted her to be given some help.”

Garnett claims that there was an aggressive and violent side to Karkadym that was brought on by her drinking.

On Saturday, September 24, 2022, two days before the incident, Garnett decided that their relationship should end because of her alleged heavy drinking and claims that she objected to him putting his two daughters before her.

That night, after celebrating his 30th birthday, Garnett alleges that Karkadym repeatedly stabbed a wall with a knife at their rented house after she got drunk.

Just two days later, he packed up her things in black bin liners and watched behind his front door as she arrived home and told her that she needed to leave or he would call the police.


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“I was told by police that she had been warned not to come to my home or to get in touch with me. But within a few hours she got in touch with me from her laptop. I had blocked her number so she couldn't get through to me on the phone, but she began messaging me,” he told Mail Online.

“I ignored the messages, and then she suddenly appeared at the front door and was kicking and screaming.”

That’s when his neighbors called the police and had her arrested.

Garnett believes that his breakup with Karkadym couldn't have happened at a better time.

“It is the perfect storm. Her visa runs out and she's got nothing here in this country. She's not with me anymore and she's got no reason to stay,” he said.


Although he feels awful about the way things ended between them, he hopes that she will go back to Kyiv, a place that is not quite as war-torn as other parts of Ukraine, and will live safely with her family.

“I have made a mistake going into a relationship with Sofiia,” he added. “As I have said before, my relationship with Lorna was already over and I was really unhappy. But this wasn't the right thing for me. I have tried to help her. I really have.”

Garnett’s ex-girlfriend Lorna Garnett, with whom he shares two children, revealed to The Sun that she isn’t surprised their relationship ended.


“I knew it would end in disaster for them — I just didn't think it would come after only four months,” she said.

Since Tony and Karkadym’s split, people have asked Lorna if she would take him back.

“I wouldn’t have him back in a million years,” she said.

“He has thrown away so much. He can’t see me because of a restraining order and he hasn’t been seeing the children. But it’s hard to feel any sympathy.”

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