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Man Says All You Need To Test If Your Partner Is Cheating On You Is A Used Water Bottle

Photo: TikTok
A man acts out a scenario with a water bottle to determine a partner's loyalty.

Figuring out if your partner is loyal can be a battle. People have different ways of confirming loyalty. Some may secretly go through their phones, and others may bring the issue upfront with their partner.

However, one person, Daniel Hentschel, posted on the video-sharing app TikTok his unique way of loyalty checking a partner.

He says you only need a water bottle to test if your partner is cheating.

Hentschel’s method is a three-step process. He says the first step is to take a trip to your local thrift store.

“Buy a used water bottle from Goodwill that could theoretically belong to anyone,” he says.

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In the video, he shows off a simple silver bottle with no adornments or other flare. Finding out your partner is cheating can be devastating, but at least this way is low cost!

After purchasing it, you can move on to the next step. “Pretend to discover it in their car,” he says.

He reenacts how the scene may play out. Hentschel sits in the passenger seat and ducks under the dash, emerging with the water bottle. He holds it up to his “partner,” who he also portrays. And now, it’s time for the third and final step.

He recommends telling your partner, “Here’s your water bottle.” He emphasizes using this exact phrasing. 

“This only works if they think you think it’s theirs,” he says.

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He claims if your partner denies it, then they are loyal.

A cheating partner may not recognize which objects belong to their partner and which to the home wrecker. But he further suggests that a loyal partner wouldn’t think twice about the question.

“If they have nothing to hide, they’ll admit they don’t know who it is because you’ve made them feel like you trust them,” he says. However, if your partner accepts the water bottle, he claims that’s a sign of disloyalty.

“If they are cheating, they’ll go along with you and pretend it’s theirs,” he says. Many people in the comments applaud his simple yet brilliant loyalty test. 

“This is the most logical one I’ve seen,” one person commented.

“Rock solid, not even joking. This is genius,” another added.

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But what if your partner doesn’t have a car?

“Can I use this in a different setting like his bedroom?” one person asked. Hentschel replied, affirming that you can do that.

This, honestly, may be better for some because your partner could attribute a loose water bottle in their car to a friend. If you “find” it in an intimate space like a bedroom, it would be more difficult to explain away.

Some people even joked that they would claim it’s theirs just for a free water bottle. Others say they have so many they can’t even keep track.

“The number of water bottles I buy. It could be mine and I would never know! I found a hydroflask in my car last week. Forgot I even bought it!” wrote one person.

“What if they have so many water bottles that they don’t even remember if it’s actually theirs or not?” another added.

So, is this an effective way to test your partner’s loyalty? Well, some people in the comments claim to have tried it successfully. In contrast, others question the need to test your partner’s loyalty altogether. Ideally, you shouldn’t have to lie to your partner to figure out if they’re cheating on you. But if you feel compelled to do so, there are much more toxic ways of doing so than lying about a water bottle.

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