Man Calls His Terminally Ill Wife A 'Fat Loser Who I Hate' In Front Of Their Young Daughter

After a terminal cancer diagnosis, the mom of three documented her husband's emotional abuse.

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A mom of three daughters who was diagnosed with terminal cancer announced on Facebook that she planned to end her life in Europe on May 27, 2023. But not before giving her best effort to ensure her daughters have a better life when she's gone.

In a series of videos that are now being shared online, Catherine Kassenoff documented the hostile environments she and her children were living in during her final months.


Catherine Kassenoff documented the extreme abuse she allegedly experienced from her husband, Allan Kassenoff.

Catherine filmed her husband Allan's outbursts and verbal insults in an attempt to create a record of his behavior.

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Her videos have gone viral — many of them were compiled on TikTok by Robbie Harvey.

As the footage continues to go viral, a spokesperson for Greenberg Traurig, the law firm where Allan is a partner, confirmed that he is currently on leave while they conduct an internal investigation.

"Allan Kassenoff has been involved in a divorce and custody matter that has been going on for more than 4 years. After lengthy trials and reviewing all the facts, including some videos, none of the 4 judges who presided over the trials or the 2 court-appointed neutral forensic evaluators found him to have committed wrongdoing or abuse as to his children or the contended domestic violence, and instead awarded him sole legal and physical custody of their three children," the statement reads, "Nevertheless, the firm will be conducting its own investigation to determine his status with the firm. In the meantime, he is taking a voluntary leave of absence to focus on his family."



In her final Facebook post, Catherine explained her decision to end her life, stating, “There are simply no other options left.”


“In the last four years of my life, I have woken up every day to a nightmare like no other. I can no longer endure the abuse and terror of Allan Kassenoff, who has spent the last 4 years mercilessly trying to incarcerate me on false charges,” Catherine wrote.

She detailed the “emotional devastation of being without my children for so long, homeless from Allan's repeated ex parte evictions of me from the homes I own and rented, deprivation of my property and obliteration of my life savings, the loss of my two dogs, the loss of my career and reputation, and the concomitant humiliation and ostracism from all this.”

Catherine wrote that she had survived breast cancer twice already, and had recently been “diagnosed with a virulent and life-ending cancer.”

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“I cannot go through debilitating chemo, surgeries and radiation again, this time with a dire prognosis and with Allan fighting me ‘until he dies’ and no court intervention whatsoever,” Catherine wrote. ‘“For a long time, I believed I could make my children's lives better by fighting to stay in them, even if it was for just moments at a time.”

Catherine decided to end her life after a third terminal cancer diagnosis, in the hopes that to do so would protect her children.

She heartbreakingly explained that “for the last 3 years, I was excised from being their mother. I could not tuck them into bed at night, take them to school, host their sleepovers, make their breakfasts, or take them on vacations. Allan wouldn't allow any of that; the court gave him everything he wanted.” Catherine spent years in family court, trying to gain custody of her daughters, yet was ultimately unsuccessful, as Allan was a highly-paid and well-connected lawyer.

She was refused the right to see her children, stating that “I came to realize that my presence in their lives only brings them pain and suffering… I just want their and my pain to end.”


Catherine says she filmed Allan, to show “the undeniable abuse he perpetrated" against her and her three young daughters.

“My girls deserve so much better than the life they were given by their father and the court system that was supposed to — and miserably failed to — protect them and me.”

"I hope in death I will accomplish what I could not in life,” Catherine ended her final Facebook post. “I hope the public will stand up and say 'no more.' Your children deserve better. So did mine.”


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