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Man Told Pregnant Woman To 'Leave' When She Asked Him To Stop Smoking At Concert — He Wants To Know If He Was Wrong

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Couple at a concert

Concerts can be exciting. It’s a time to let your hair down, maybe indulge in a libation or two, and listen to one of your favorite artists perform.

Depending on who you have come to see, a concert can be lowkey and chill or wild and out of control.

One man recently attended a concert and was enjoying himself, when he received a request that he had to deny. Now he’s asking Redditors if he did the wrong thing.

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He refused to stop smoking in front of a pregnant woman.

According to the poster, he recently attended a concert by a band that he says, “has a very heavy drug scene associated with it.” Because of their reputation, he expected that there would be some recreational narcotics in use.

Seats were assigned and he ended up next to a couple as they all awaited the start of the concert. To pass the time, the man decided to light a joint, presumably stuffed with marijuana.

At first, the couple said nothing, but after about five minutes of him smoking, the Redditor said the man had accosted him, asking him to avoid smoking around his pregnant wife.

The smoking man responded, “It’s a show. You came here, you can choose to leave,” believing that due to the nature of the event, the expectant mother and her husband should have known the environment might not be ideal for her.

He went on to say that the future father tried to escalate the situation, but he ignored him and continued to dance and enjoy the performance.

After returning home, he shared the experience with his roommates and they accused him of being a total a—hole for his inconsideration of the woman’s pregnancy. He has since turned to Reddit to see what readers think.

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Despite his justifications, most people think he should have been more considerate of other people in the same vicinity.

The first commenter said, “YES ‘YTA’ (you are the a—hole). You shouldn’t be smoking in your seat like that. People do it all the time and guess what? They’re AHs just like you. Double ‘YTA’ for doing it next to a pregnant woman.”

That same person suggested that the pregnant woman should have notified security and had the poster removed because he was subjecting everyone around him to his marijuana habit.

Another person blamed the couple, posting, “Imagine going to a concert with known drug-related bands and expecting others to not smoke. Like going to a Snoop Dogg concert and thinking people won't be smoking.”

There were also several people who pointed out that it was a joint and not a cigarette, to prove that it may not have been harmful to the woman or her unborn child. But that is not necessarily factual.

Much more research is needed to determine the impact of marijuana on babies in utero, but there have been associations found that connected its use to developmental and hyperactivity disorders in children.

Additionally, scientific studies have suggested that marijuana use during pregnancy can cause problems with the child’s attention span, memory, behavior, and ability to solve problems. Parents should likely avoid consuming marijuana while pregnant — it's better to be safe than sorry.

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