Man Proposes Using Adorable Photo Book Of Memories From First DMs To Proposal

A creative, thoughtful and unique proposal.

Photo book with first messages and Joseph proposing to Brianna Twitter

A tweet has gone viral in which Twitter user @ByAnyMeanNecsry, whose real name is Joseph Smith, creatively used a photo book made with Canva to propose to his now fiance Brianna.

The original viral tweet is a “how it started… how it’s going” post with an image of the photo book that the Twitter user used to propose to his girlfriend, Brianna.

Smith used a photobook made on Canva to propose.

The page shown in the photo book has a screenshot of the pair’s first messages.


The second image is of Joseph proposing to his now fiance with a gorgeous city skyline in the background.

Joseph expanded on his proposal in a follow-up tweet in which he shares more pictures of his photo book.


The photo book contained pictures of different moments over the course of his and Brianna’s relationship. The last page shown says “add new memory” and this is what Joseph used to propose to Brianna.

Joseph used Canva to document his relationship and to create this special moment. Canva is a highly accessible online design tool created to empower everyone and anyone to create.

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Canva reached out to Joseph to ask him about the proposal.

When asked about how he and Brianna met, Joseph said, “We actually met via Instagram, she was out with a mutual friend that posted a picture together on Instagram, I saw her on our friend’s Story and thought she was beautiful."


"So I reached out to our friend and inquired about her and we ended up following each other. We would comment on each other's stories here and there. She asked about a few posts that I shared about voting in the local elections, and I finally built up the courage to ask her out via direct message on Instagram (the first page in the Canva photobook, of how it started), the first date went really well and I invited her out again the following Saturday.”

Joseph was then asked how he got the idea for the proposal, to which he responded, “I was looking to tie in a lot of our memories over the past year as part of the proposal, I looked around at a few sites to create the book, but Canva had the best styles and customizable templates, plus I could print it and have it shipped without worrying about reformatting the book.”

Finally, Joseph shared some more details about the proposal, “So the proposal took place on November 5th, which is our one-year anniversary. I made dinner reservations for us and told her to be ready an hour before. When we parked I handed her a blindfold and let her know that I had a surprise."

"I led her to the top floor of the deck that has a beautiful view of the Charlotte skyline. I handed her the photobook and instructed her to read through it and once she got to the last page for her to turn around. The book is filled with photo memories over the last year of us dating, and the last page said "Add a New Memory". The new memory was me on one knee proposing!”


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Smith's tweet went viral after he posted it.

The tweet has garnered over 21,000 retweets and over 200,000 likes since it was posted.

The tweet also has nearly 1,000 responses, mostly from Twitter users talking about how cute they are or how thoughtful the proposal was and asking how YouKnowJoe made the photo book.


Ever since the rise of social media and, more recently, the pandemic, more and more people are meeting online and Joseph and Brianna’s story is likely reflective of many other stories.

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