Man Goes Skydiving Holding A Sign Looking For A New Job — His New Boss Offers Him A Position In The Same Way

Now that's what we call taking a leap of faith.

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The job search can prove to be especially brutal these days, and many people looking for work will go to extreme lengths — and heights — to secure a position. 

After one man was let go from his job and needed to land a new one fast, he decided to use his creative skills to catch the attention of job recruiters on an entirely new and impressive level. 

The man jumped out of a plane holding a sign that read, 'Open4Work.' 

After Chris Serrano, a man who describes himself as a “Creative Director who does all of his own stunts,” was laid off from his job, he decided to put his creative skills to use to get himself hired again. 


“I got laid off this week,” Serrano posted to his LinkedIn account. “So I’ll be freefalling until I find a new gig — literally.” He’s not joking. Serrano includes a video of himself jumping out of an airplane while holding a cardboard sign that reads: “Open4Work.” 

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“If you’re looking for an award-winning creative that works hard, takes risks, and knows how to pack a parachute, reach out,” he adds. “Don’t let your brand plunge to its death. Hire me instead.” Serrano shares that he is available for any freelance or full-time or part-time positions. 


It didn’t take long for job recruiters to notice Serrano and anxiously offer to have him on board their team. However, one recruiter particularly stood out from the others for the best reason. 

One man responded to Serrano’s video offering him a job by jumping out of a plane holding a sign that read, 'Let’s Link Up.' 

Jack Peagam, a U.K.-based entrepreneur and co-founder and CEO of the app, LinkUp which aims to connect people who have similar hobbies and interests, is not only looking for new members of his team but also a skydiver like Serrano. He decided to offer him a job opportunity by responding with his own video of jumping from a plane with a sign. 

“Hey Chris sorry 2 see u got laid off,” the sign reads. Peagam flips the sign over revealing more writing on the backside that says, “We’ve got work 4 u.” Just before making the leap, he holds up another sign that reads, “Let’s Link up:)” 

“Can’t guarantee you a parachute payment, but we’re ready to catch you and launch you into new heights of success,” Peagam posted to his own LinkedIn account in response to Serrano. I'm sure you'll free-fall in love with what we're doing. I believe this is the ultimate way to extend the offer.” 


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“Chris’ job-seeking ad featured everything I love about creative talent—it was bold, daring, and showed him to be one of life’s risk-takers,” Peagam told Good News Network. “I can’t wait to see how he can help take our thriving app to new heights… maybe into space.” Peagam shared that he would love to have Serrano on board, and urged him to send him a message. 

Thankfully, Serrano accepted the job offer, but under one condition. The two would have to jump out of a plane together as he signed his official employment contract at 13,000 feet and 130 miles per hour. 


Serrano is excited to start his new position. “Linkup is a social app that’s truly social, with a goal to get back to real life and build real connections through unique and memorable experiences,” he posted to his LinkedIn account after accepting the offer. “Like throwing yourselves out of an airplane to sign a contract, for example.” 

He hopes that his video will inspire other job seekers to take daring risks to get the attention of recruiters and secure their dream positions. “When I lost my job, I was a bit nervous as to what could be next, but taking a leap of faith from a plane is sometimes all you can do,” he admitted.“I’ve been blown away by the support from everyone who shared my video.” 

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