Man Befriends Another Traveler After Missing His Flight And Records A Video Of Their Adventure Together

An epic tale of an equally unlikely bromance.

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With all of the flight cancellations, delays, and mishaps that occurred this 2022 holiday season, it's hard to believe that any traveler managed to make it home on time.

All the stress of travel might have gotten to some people but one man on TikTok made the most of his time finding his way home.

After missing his flight, a TikToker under the account “@bhpdao” decided to record a video of his experience that was only made possible by the chaos that everyone else had to endure.


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He befriended another man who missed his flight and recorded a video of them together.

“One of the most random, but funniest moments in my life,” he captioned the video, which has received over 6.2 million views.

“I missed my flight and had to sleep at the airport, then this happened…” he explained in the video. “A random guy just missed his flight too and asked if I can help him call his wife, I ended up taking photos of him.”



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The cute, heartwarming moment turned into a full-on bromance as their adventure continued onward, managing the aftermath of missing their flights together.

“We found a hotel inside the airport but it was too expensive, so we decided to share,” he continued with the video, showing off the room that they were in.

Confirming that the friendship had gotten real, the respite of the hotel room was followed by the two of them deciding to get burgers from Popeyes at 1 AM.

As two grown adults — especially, male — it’s hard enough to make new friends as it is without establishing yourself in some sort of community.

These two strangers were able to become close enough friends that they were comfortable enough to share a hotel room together — but the adventure didn’t even stop there.


“Photos again, gotta keep his Facebook on fire,” he wrote over a video of him taking more videos of the man, followed by “He wanted to shop for new [clothes] to look [good] for his wife.”

At 3 AM they were still shopping, trying on clothes while he claimed that “Pakistan [wasn’t] ready” for the new wardrobe the stranger had picked out.

He claimed to have lost the man in the store at one point, but was able to find him again before they returned back to their hotel to try and “get 2 hours of sleep.”

Since the two new friends had different flights in the morning, it was time to say goodbye to the adventure that they had just been on.


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Everyone had positive reactions to the wholesome video the TikToker took.

“Best bromance in history,” the top comment read, as another person typed “This is so wholesome.”

Someone else pointed out how it made them happy that the Pakistani man’s wife seemed to always be on his mind after calling her, taking photos for her, and shopping for new outfits to impress her.

Some people joked that because of all the fun activities he started listing, they were worried he would miss another flight to spend more time with his new friend.


Many hoped that the TikToker would continue to keep in touch with the man, as they believed that he had just made a “friend for life,” but there’s been no update from him to confirm that they remained friends.

Regardless, these two grown men were able to make the best out of a bad situation and become friends where most people wouldn’t even think to look for them.

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