Man's 'Baby Mama' Drops Off His Son For Visitation & Also Leaves A Kid That's Not His

The kids were in on it the whole time.

Baby mama leaving her kid TikTok TikTok

Co-parenting can be hard, and for one man, it seems to get especially difficult when another child — that isn’t his — gets involved.

A man on TikTok named Pancho Cortez posted a video to TikTok joking about a scenario in which his ex-wife (and mother of one of his children) brings an extra kid over to his house.

He joked that he would kick the kid out of the house if his ‘baby mama’ brought him.

“When your baby mama drops off your son & the one that’s not yours!” reach Cortez’s caption.


In the video, Mario’s “Let Me Love You” plays in the background with his lyric, “Hey,” dragged out for dramatic effect as Cortez reveals that his “baby mama” dropped off an extra kid — her son that isn’t his.

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Cortez picks up the young boy and runs to the door. In the caption, he clarifies “All Jokes Aside I Love His Little Brother! Couldn’t Resist This Trend Though.”


Although it seems like everyone has a smile on their face in the video as well, people in the comments took the situation a little too seriously, claiming that they would have actually done the same thing that Cortez joked about doing.

Many claimed that Cortez was a “good man” but that they would never do it because the kid wasn’t theirs. Others joked that they would have liked to do something like this, but their ex’s husband had too many kids. People were quick to jump in and defend Cortez, however.

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“Haters and bitter [exes] will only hate on this. [I] and my [son's] mom have a great relationship similar to this,” one of the comments on the video read.


“Actually there needs to be more [daddies] like you! [It] speaks volumes to him..” another comment said, referring to how his son likely interprets his actions.

Thanks to the outpouring of controversy on Cortez’s video, he decided to post a second video stitching the original and explaining his relationship with his ex and her son.

Cortez clarifies that his video was just a joke and that his co-parenting relationship is great.

“Not that I need to, but I thought I would talk about the video that went viral with my son and his little brother,” he explains at the start of the video.

“His mother and I have an amazing co-parenting relationship,” he explains, continuing to clarify all of the relationships and children. “She’s married [and has] a little boy. Her husband is an amazing stepfather to my son — that’s his little brother through her marriage.”


Next, he gets into explaining why her son ends up at his house sometimes instead of only having his son visit.



“Sometimes, [there are] days that they want to go out, they wanna do things but sometimes don’t have a sitter, so if I’m going to take my son for them, might as well take the little brother too,” he says.

Cortez doesn’t have a problem taking in the child that isn’t his, and even compliments the young boy, saying “he’s a riot, love having him around, and he just wants to be with his big brother, so I never mind it. He’s a [blessing] to have with me.”


He does clarify that he understands it’s not for everybody, but that it works for the three of them.

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