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Louis C.K. Allegedly Gave ‘Bad Vegan’ Sarma Melngailis An STI & Told Her ‘I Never Said I Was Clean’ In Rude Email Afterward

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Sarma Melngailis, Louis C.K.

Thanks to Netflix’s “Bad Vegan” docuseries, many people are hearing about Sarma Melngailis for the first time. 

Or at the very least, those familiar with her crimes may be learning more about the restauranteur and the unfortunate group of men in her life.

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The fraudster restauranter has been linked to actor Alec Baldwin before marrying her co-conspirator Anthony Strangis but Melngailis also had another surprising entanglement with another disgraced celebrity.

Louis C.K. allegedly gave ‘Bad Vegan’ Sarma Melngailis an STI.

The two reportedly had a very short-lived romantic liaison that turned sour, according to leaked emails allegedly exchanged between the two.

In 2012, C.K. allegedly pined for Melngailis in an email writing, “My brain has thoughts about you in it. Somewhere between 27 and 93 1/2.”

However, by June 17, 2019, he had a less than sympathetic response to Melngailis saying she was “upset and freaked out” about the alleged STI.

Louis C.K’s email to Sarma Melngailis shows him avoiding taking responsibility for the STI.

“Hey. I understand you’re upset. This kind of s–t is tough. I never swore that I was clean. I told you I may or may not have given this to you. I’m sorry if I did. If you gave it to me, it’s okay,” he wrote.

“We all share the current human bloodstream, which includes this kind of stuff. I should have worn a condom, you should have made me, we should have a lot of things. we are human.”

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“Our generation has this stuff. the next generation will all be inoculated and will have sex with electric glass penises and digital vaginas and they’ll get software viruses instead. It’s part of life.”

In a later email, Louis C.K. wonders if anyone is “clean.”

He accepts responsibility for what he refers to as a “chemistry exchange” between himself and Melngailis.

“I’ve been told the same thing, that there’s no good tests for guys and even that condoms don’t stop s–t. i don’t know. It’s a mess. I hope you’re okay. i think you will be. And I am sorry. …I still look back tenderly and happily on our time together. And that night. It was really wonderful, even though it never happened again and it seemed to be sort of a stopping point for us, unfortunately.”

The emails would have been exchanged in the years after numerous women came forward with sexual misconduct allegations against C.K. from 2015 to 2017.

C.K. was accused of masturbating among a number of women without their consent among other sexual harassment claims. 

The comedian has not responded to these new details about his alleged relationship with Melngailis. 

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