Lauren Boebert Responds To Claims That She Had Two Abortions & Previously Worked As An Escort

She is running for re-election later this month.

Laura Boebert Twitter

House representative Lauren Boebert came forward Tuesday night to deny viral claims that she worked as a sex worker and had previously had an abortion.

The claims had circulated online with many pointing out the hypocrisy in Boebert's anti-abortion stance.

But the origin of the rumor has baffled some supporters and critics of Boebert.

Lauren Boebert was accused of having two abortions & working as an 'escort' for Ted Cruz.

American Muckrakers PAC, the same group behind the campaign that unearthed allegations against Madison Cawthorn earlier this year, issued a press release on Tuesday to share their alleged findings on Boebert.


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According to the release, Boebert, a Republican from Colorado’s third congressional district, faced financial hardships in 2019 and took up sex work as a “side income.”


The release also stated that she took multiple donations from Texas senator Ted Cruz and failed to disclose them, and that she had multiple abortions.

“She says she is against abortion but has apparently had at least two abortions,” American Muckrakers PAC president David Wheeler said in the press release.

“She claims to be a devout Christian but is paid to escort wealthy men without a license and has two abortions she wants to make illegal for other women. She takes money from Ted Cruz but doesn’t report it.

“If she is a law and order candidate, imagine what else she’ll do to line her pockets. There is clearly no moral line Boebert won’t cross and it’s all about getting as much money as she can, not the needs of the citizens of Colorado.”


Boebert refuted the report’s findings hours later on Twitter.

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“Fact Check: Not true,” Boebert said. “Fake News. Four Pinocchios. Also… Y’all need Jesus!”


Reports of Boebert having an abortion drew the ire of many due to her publicly opposing the practice.

“Lauren Boebert should not be shamed if she did have an abortion, she should be shamed for being a hypocrite,” said Olivia Julianna, an activist and political strategist for Gen-Z for Change.


“The possibility that Lauren Boebert may have been a sex worker who had multiple abortions is irrelevant,” said Majin Padellan, an activist with nearly a million followers on Twitter. “But her rhetoric to revoke the rights of others to do the same AND her seditious acts make her dangerous. She should be removed.”


The PAC hinted at their work on Lauren Boebert weeks in advance.

Wheeler told Business Insider on May 18 that the PAC received “interesting information” about Boebert, and that the group had identified Boebert as their next focus.

"I think we're going to go after Lauren Boebert in Colorado in a similar way," Wheeler said. "I think we're going to engage in that race pretty quickly."

The group launched the website the following day, along with accompanying social media accounts. The website previously asked for tips regarding the Colorado representative, but now links to the findings released Tuesday. 

Boebert is running for re-election against GOP state senator Don Coram in the Colorado primaries on June 28. Cawthorn lost his re-election bid in the North Carolina primaries on May 17, shortly after American Muckrakers released its findings on him.


“We helped fire Madison Cawthorn,” the PAC’s website reads. “Now it's Lauren Boebert's turn.”

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