Laura Prepon Opens Up About The Abortion That Saved Her Life

She had a choice to make, but at least that choice was hers.

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As the nation continues to come to grips with what the post-Roe United States looks like, many women are sharing personal stories of their own experiences accessing the vital medical procedure.

"Orange Is The New Black" star, Laura Prepon, decided to share the intimate story of when she had an abortion and urged others to fight through these challenging times in order to “regain agency” over women’s bodies.


Laura Prepon had an abortion in 2018 to save her life.

Prepon posted on Instagram and Twitter, sharing her thoughts on the overturning of Roe v. Wade by recalling the story of “one of the worst days” of her life and the abortion procedure she had gotten during the second trimester of her pregnancy in 2018.

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“The devastating truth is that we found out the fetus would not survive to full term, and that my life was at risk as well,” she wrote in the caption. “At the time - I had the choice.”


Prepon had the choice to terminate the pregnancy that could have killed her.

“One of the worst days of my life was when I made the choice to terminate a pregnancy in the second trimester,” she said. “Everyone has their own story for seeking out this medical procedure and I empathize with anyone who’s been faced with this impossible decision.”


Despite it being one of the worst days of her life, she put her personal feelings aside and made the choice.

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“Our neonatal specialist told us the brain was not growing and the bones were not growing,” Prepon told People back in March 2020. “We were told the pregnancy would not go to full term and that my body was at risk carrying any longer.”

Her fetus has suffered a cystic hygroma, which is an abnormal development of the lymphatic vascular system during embryonic growth, and the baby would not survive the full term, putting her life at risk as well.


As a mother of two children, Prepon understands what it’s like to bring life into the world, as well as having to make the “impossible choice” to terminate a pregnancy — but the point is that she had a choice.

“I am praying for all of us, that we can get through this challenging time and regain agency over our own bodies,” she finished off the caption.


As politicians scramble to ensure that their states continue providing abortion access to millions of women across America, others are fighting to provide assistance to those in states where the laws restrict that access.

Many fear that more states will fall into restricting the right that anyone with a uterus has over their own body, but the fight will never end.

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