Nurses Slammed For Sharing 'Annoying' Requests From Moms In Labor — Including Asking For Water & Blankets

They seriously need to show empathy!

Nurses, TikTok @username098717493 / TikTok

A new trend has recently emerged on TikTok where people are sharing their "icks."

"Icks" are anything people view as a turn-off or aggravating.

The term is typically used by those in the dating world to describe what qualities they despise in a romantic partner.

However, a group of labor and delivery nurses hopped on the trend, and people were not happy with what they had to say.

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The nurses revealed their 'icks' were mostly requests from new moms.

In a TikTok video that was taken down by the original user but later reposted by "@username098717493," nurses working in a labor and delivery unit of a hospital took turns describing what bothers them most about their job, otherwise known as their "icks."

Most of their "icks" consisted of constant requests from new moms, and dads, and questions they believed patients should already have the answer to.



"My ick is when you [the patient] come in for your induction, asking 'can I take a shower and eat?'" the first nurse shared.


"My ick is when you ask me how much the baby weighs and it’s still in your hands," the second nurse revealed.

Other nurses 'icks' had to do with the behavior of their patient’s support partners.

"My ick is when the dad comes outside and asks for a paternity test right outside the room door," one nurse said. "Another ick is when you’re going room to room between one baby mama and your other baby mama," she added later in the video.

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Another nurse shared that her "ick" was mothers who underestimated how painful labor would be.

“When you say you don’t want any pain medicine, no epidural, but you are at an eight out of 10 and you’re still closed," she said.


Others claimed that the constant requests from patients and repeatedly turning up to the nurse’s station was their "ick."

"When we already told you to push the call light but every five minutes one of your family members comes to the front desk asking for something else," one nurse said.

Another nurse mocked patients by tapping the nurse on the shoulder asking, "excuse me, could I have some water? Excuse me, can I have a blanket?"

"It’s the unlimited trips to the nurse’s station for me," another nurse agreed.

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While the nurses appeared to believe that they were being witty with their 'ick' comments, others criticized their unprofessionalism.

"Unprofessional nurses. Such a disgrace to all patients. Would never want my nurse to be like this. Nasty," the user who reposted the video captioned the post.


Other TikTok users agreed and voiced their disgust in the comments.

"My ick is unprofessional nurses," one user wrote. "My ick is people that accepted a JOB they don’t wanna do," another user added.

"As a nurse and mother of four I’m glad that none of y’all were my nurses," another user shared.


The nurses have since been fired from Emory University Hospital, Georgia.

The hospital shared a statement saying the women in the video had been removed from their positions after the backlash.

“We are aware of a TikTok video that included disrespectful and unprofessional comments about maternity patients at Emory University Hospital Midtown,” the statement begins. “We have investigated the actions with the former employees responsible for the video.”

“This video does not represent our commitment to patient- and family-centered care and falls short of the values and standards we expect every member of our team to hold and demonstrate.”


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