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Fans Think Kate Moss’ Testimony In Depp-Heard Trial Was ‘Deep Faked’ After Spotting ‘Glitch’

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A conspiracy theory claims that Kate Moss’ appearance during the Johnny Depp-Amber Heard trial may have actually been a deep fake.

Depp’s team called Moss to the stand for a brief testimony near the end of the six-week trial on May 25. In her four-minute virtual testimony, Moss, who dated Depp from 1994 to 1998, said that she never experienced any physical violence from him during their relationship. 

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She specifically recalled an incident while they were on vacation in Jamaica, when she fell down a flight of stairs. Heard had previously suggested that Depp had pushed Moss but the model denied these allegations.

“No, he never pushed me, kicked me or threw me down any stairs,” Moss said.

Now, some have theorized that Kate Moss' testimony in the Depp-Heard trial was deepfaked.

Hours after her testimony, a Twitter user suggested that Moss’ virtual appearance at the stand was not her at all, but rather someone mimicking her appearance using deepfake technology

The user noted an apparent glitch in Moss’ eyes during the testimony. At the timestamp noted in the tweet, Moss’ eyes appear to look down before quickly darting back up. 

The same Twitter user later posted follow-up tweets to back up their claims. One YouTube video they shared shows a realistic deepfake of Tom Cruise, which one commenter described as “disturbingly accurate.”

A second video they shared is one from Bloomberg that explains how the technology has substantially evolved in recent years. 

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They also emphatically voiced their support for Heard and disdain for Depp. They shared a thread detailing Depp’s history of allegations with the quote tweet “The real Johnny Depp.” On May 31, they shared a thread of times Depp allegedly lied under oath with another scathing quote tweet.

“Johnny Depp is an insane and disgusting MONSTER and NARCISSIST who should be locked away!” they said.

Johnny Depp supporters strongly refuted the deepfake claims.

Supporters of the “Pirates of the Caribbean” star swiftly came to his defense. Some attempted to counter the user’s logic with their own, while others took the argument in a more personal direction.

“Hey! Clown people!” one user said. “Kate Moss is alive. 

“Then do you think that she is that weak that she won’t come out loud and say that it was not me. So, now you understand the truth that it was Kate Moss. Or Are you suggesting that Kate Moss has no brain?”

“After looking at your profile it seems like you are on the wrong side of most issues,” another user said. “My sympathy to your family for having to deal with you!”

The Depp-Heard trial continues to steal headlines even in the weeks following its conclusion, and the aftermath is sure to continue for much longer.

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