Fiancee Of Man Shot Dead 2 Days Before Wedding Claims His Daughter’s Mother Arranged To Have Him Killed

#JusticeForJustin is going viral.

Justin Goolsby, Maria Morris, Steven Sam Vignolo Instagram / Vernon County Missouri Jail

A grieving fiancee is using her TikTok to call for justice for her partner after he was killed two days before their wedding.

In a TikTok that has been viewed over 4.1 million times, Maria Morris, alleges that the mother of her husband-to-be’s child arranged for him to be murdered.

Now she’s calling for justice for Justin Goolsby and sharing her story on the platform under the hashtag #justiceforjustin.


What happened to Justin Goolsby?

According to reports, Goolsby was shot dead at an I-49 gas station on the evening of September 22, 2021.

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A suspect, Steven Sam Vignolo, 62, was arrested shortly after the shooting after witnesses claimed they saw him toss the gun and enter a nearby Burger King.

According to a probable cause affidavit filed by the Nevada Police Department the victim and suspect knew each other.

Justin Goolsby’s fiancee explained her version of events on TikTok.

“On September 22 of this year, Justin was murdered,” Morris explains through tears, “Shot five times in the chest at Pilot here in Nevada, Missouri.”


Morris claims that Goolsby was supposed to be collecting his daughter at the gas station.

“His daughter’s mom,” she alleges, “Had her father come up to the exchange point and murder him.” 

Morris further claims that exchanges typically happened at Goolsby’s daughter’s school but the mother had changed the plan last minute, claiming her daughter didn’t go to school that day.

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Morris says that she had originally gone to collect her fiance's daughter but the mother allegedly refused to meet anyone but Goolsby — which was reportedly unusual because Morris had collected the child alone in the past.


In a Facebook post that allegedly shows a text exchange between Goolsby and the mother of his child, messages appear to verify Morris’ claims that the arrangement was changed last minute. 

The woman can also be seen telling Goolsby she would be late for the exchange shortly before he was shot.

The grandfather of Justin Goolsby’s daughter has been arrested.

Vignolo was charged with first degree murder and armed criminal action following his arrest. 


As part of the investigation Capt. Westerhold interviewed the suspect in jail.

“During the interview with him, Vignolo reported he was angry at Goolsby for allegedly inappropriately touching his (Goolsby’s) daughter, who is also Vignolo’s grandchild,” Westerhold reported.

“He knew that Goolsby was going to have a child custody exchange this evening and he knew it normally happens at Pilot Travel Center.”

“Vignolo reported he walked to Pilot from 71 Motel and seen Goolsby’s truck in the parking lot. He walked up to the vehicle to confront Goosby and shot inside the vehicle multiple times,” the report continues.

“He told me that he walked up and said the victim’s name and starting shooting. He then walked back to the west until law enforcement contacted him at Burger King.”


Morris, however, claims that the exchanges did not normally happen at Pilot and claims Vignolo’s daughter arranged the shooting. 

Goolsby is 32, is not listed on the Missouri or Kansas Sex Offender Registry and Vignolo’s daughter has not been officially linked to the shooting. 

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