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Husband Finds Out His Wife Of 4 Years Has Been Doing 'Meet-Ups' With Other Men For Money And Catfishes Her

Photo: Reddit
Wife doing OnlyFans confronted in video

After a man discovered that his wife of four years had a private, side business that she didn’t tell him about, he created a plan of action and set it in motion in order to catch her in the act of being unfaithful toward their marriage.

Thanks to his friend informing him of what was going on, he discovered that she had been posting explicit content online through OnlyFans, and had even set up “meet-ups” with other men.

The man decided that he would catch her cheating on him by catfishing her on OnlyFans.

“I just pulled up to the Comfort Inn Hotel,” he opened in the video that was reposted to Reddit. “Like I don’t even know what to do right now.”

From the beginning, it’s clear he’s in an emotional state — upset at the prospect that his wife is inside the hotel waiting for another man to meet up with.

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“My wife of four years is in this hotel right now, and she has no clue that I’m out here,” he continues. “She’s been on OnlyFans for a while now. I didn’t know, I had no clue.”

He explains how his friend, who frequents the adult content site, came across his wife’s page and explained to him that she was doing all of these things behind his back.

At this point, he has gotten out of the car that he drove in and is walking into the hotel, continuing his story.

“So, what I did is make a fake OnlyFans page, and I made my name D Rock on there,” he continues. “You know, I made my name D Rock, and she doesn’t know what’s going on.”

He breaks from explaining in order to greet the woman behind the counter but continues walking to the room where his wife is staying.

“I made a fake page on OnlyFans, and been talking to her for a week on OnlyFans,” he explains. “So she thinks she’s doing a meet-up with a guy named D Rock, and it’s me the whole time.”

He claims that when she was away from home for extended periods of time outside of work, he thought she had been simply handling more “work business” — things like work meetings or hanging out with her friends or coworkers.

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When he reaches her room and knocks on the door, she tried to close it on him.

After realizing that her husband of four years had caught her in the act, or maybe ruined her potential meeting, she tries to close the door back on him, but he forces it back open.

The two start yelling at each other immediately, with the wife asking him what he’s doing there and the husband explaining that he’s D Rock and that he knows what she’s been up to.

“I’m D Rock, the one you’ve been [expletive] DMing on OnlyFans for the past week,” he says.

“I’m sitting at the house all f--king day while she’s talking about ‘Oh I’m in a business meeting’ or ‘I’m hanging with my friends.’”

When she tries to explain what’s been going on and why she was doing OnlyFans, talking about their mortgage, he cuts her off and says “there’s nothing to explain” and “I don’t want to hear none of that s--t.”

At a certain point, the woman, whose name we learn is Katrina, breaks down and starts crying, claiming she loves him and begs him not to throw her out of their home despite his resolve to.

When she tried to reason with him and talked about their kids, he says “I don’t even know if those kids are mine,” showing that he’s now put their entire relationship into question.

Although OnlyFans and sex work should not be criticized and ridiculed and should be treated as exactly what it is — which is work — when you bring it into a relationship, it’s important that you and your partner are on the same page about it.

Not only that, the woman in the video was compromising her safety by meeting up with men online without informing her partner about her whereabouts in advance.

As he explained in the video, he did not “sign up” for his wife to become a sex worker or do OnlyFans during their marriage, and he has every right to be upset about it, especially since she was doing it behind his back and had to find out from his friend.

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