11-Year-Old Son Of Missing California Woman Sent Heartbreaking Texts Begging Mom To Come Home

This poor family.

James Wayne, Bond, and Heidi Planck James Wayne / Facebook

Missing LA accountant, Heidi Planck, hasn’t been seen since October 17th when she was at her son’s football game in Los Angeles before being reported missing three days later on the 20th.

The 39-year-old’s ex-husband, James Wayne, filed court documents in Los Angeles County Superior Court on October 26 in order to gain full custody of their son, Bond.

In the court documents, James Wayne shared heartbreaking screenshots of messages sent to Heidi Planck’s phone.


Heidi Planck's son begged her to come home over text.

According to the multiple texts sent by Bond, it’s clear to see that his father’s right about his current mental state as a result of Planck’s disappearance.

“Can you please call me back I've called you two days in a row and you haven't picked up,” read a message that Bond sent on October 18th, the day after she was last seen.

Credit: Superior Court of California, Los Angeles County


Judging from the date and the message, it’s likely that Planck went missing after her son’s football game the day before — missing Bond’s call that same night and the next day.

“Please caII or just text me because I want to make sure your ok and I'm worried about you,” he sent the next day, along with another message two hours later that simply reads, “[Can] You please caII me.”

Bond’s messages never see any responses, texting multiple other times asking Planck to call him, saying he’s worried and misses and loves his mother.

Wayne also sent multiple text messages to Planck in hopes that maybe she’d respond to him, saying, “Hi Heidi. Bond really worried he hasn’t heard from you. Hope your ok.”


Credit: Superior Court of California, Los Angeles County

He followed up three days later, saying “We r all so worried about you, Please contact someone. Please.”

Heidi Planck was reported missing on Oct. 20. 

63-year-old Wayne first reported Planck missing after she failed to pick Bond up from school one day — something that was very unlike her.


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Even more unlike her was when Wayne and Bond tried to contact her through calls and texts, she never responded to a single one.

Planck was close to her 11-year-old son, Bond, and often exchanged texts and calls with him to talk about how he’s doing with football, video games, or even what color flowers Wayne liked.

As a result, Wayne believed that Bond would be under a tremendous amount of stress due to his current, inconsolable state, causing him to apply for full custody in order to take care of him and get him a therapist.

“We are at a point where we have to expect the [worst],” said the court documents submitted by Wayne, “and accordingly I am requesting full legal and full physical custody so that I can legally enroll Bond into therapy immediately.”


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There’s desperation in these texts for Planck to reappear, but there hasn’t been much information found about her potential whereabouts or any leads.

Wayne has accused Planck's boss Jason Sugarman of being involved.

Wayne allegedly received a call on October 21st from a Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) official asking him what he knew about his ex-wife’s boss.

"I don't know how she got my name and I don't know how she got my number, but she called me and started asking me questions about Sugarman," he told Fox News Digital. "Something's dirty here."


In the court documents, Wayne also alluded to how unlikely the situation was because it was very unlike Planck to disappear like that.

“In general,” he said, “she has responded to text messages to me and to Bond, it was very unlikely of her not to respond.”

Sugarman and his business partner, Jason Galanis, were both charged with securities fraud by the SEC in 2019 for developing a scheme to siphon $43 million from their clients.


Planck worked under Sugarman’s investment advisory company, called Camden Capital Partners LLC, as a controller and executive assistant.

Her dog was found wandering around alone on the 28th floor of a high-rise luxury apartment building in downtown Los Angeles, miles away from her home, on the day of her disappearance.

LAPD is heading the investigation but hasn’t uncovered much about her disappearance.

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