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Grandparents Slam Mother For Giving Up Her Baby — Even Though Their Son Refused To Be Involved

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grandparents angry at the mother

Just like all families have problems, this mother encountered a problem with her and her ex's family too. A single mother took to Reddit to ask if she was in the wrong about giving up her son for adoption without telling her ex's parents.

This 21-year-old single mother realized that she isn’t fit to take care of her 8-month-old baby and support him financially.

“I (21 f) gave birth to my son (8 month son) in April. After 6 months of having him, I realized I did not have the maternal requirements to give him the love and attention he would need.”

The child's father had already made it clear he didn't want to be involved, though she did still require his signature for the adoption papers.  

She made the hard choice to let her son go and give him to a family where he will be loved and cared for. After searching for the right family, she gave him up with the consent of her ex, the baby’s father. However, after a while, she received a call from a furious grandmother.

Her ex's parents were furious that she didn't consult them before giving her son up for adoption.

Her ex’s mother was angry that she gave up her baby and criticized her for making that decision. This seemed a bit unreasonable as this was done with the consent of her ex. So, she confronted her ex about it.

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The mother found out from her ex that his parents were homeless. Even though the baby was their grandchild, she knew that she made the right decision as that wasn’t the right environment for any child, let alone a baby. 

“I talked to my ex about it and found out his parents were actually homeless. I’m in no way shaming them for being so, I just know that is no place for a 6 month old baby.” 

Other than that, the mother also wondered why it was a big deal for them as they had never shown any interest in the baby’s life earlier.

“I got an angry call from my ex’s mother, screaming at me for 'throwing her grandchild away like trash.'" She wrote on Reddit. "She had never met him and not once asked me to see him.”

Her family criticized her too.

The mother had been so sure that she made the right decision after finding out about her ex’s parents. But after hearing from her family that she was wrong, she was beginning to question her decision. 

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“I was certain I was not the a-hole until many members of my own family, who had previously been supportive of my decision, calling me an a-hole for letting my baby go to someone outside of his blood family.”

So, she went to internet to ask people about whether she is wrong in this situation. 

Internet users commended the mother and reassured her that she isn’t in the wrong.

Don’t ever let anyone tell you you did wrong by getting a child into the best care possible. I know deeply from experience that “blood family” very often has no positive correlation to quality care. You did the right thing even though it just have been a difficult decision.”

At 21, you made the most mature decision - you realized you couldn’t single handedly raise this baby and found him a great home. I want to commend you on giving your son the best chance at a good life. Amazing job.”

These people are completely out of line. You did the right thing. Your ex's family put the blame on the wrong person. They should have said those things to their son instead of you.”

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