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Woman Started Feeling Attracted To Planes After Experiencing Turbulence & Takes 30 Flights A Year To Be With Her 'Love'

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When one woman was on a quest to find the love of her life, she never would have expected the journey it would take her on — literally. 

They say you find love when you least expect it and for Sarah Rodo that couldn't be more true.

The German woman claims she's attracted to airplanes.

Sarah Rodo from Dortmund, Germany took her first flight aboard a Boeing 737 after an unsuccessful journey of finding love with another human. Feeling defeated, the 23-year-old was seated on the plane when it was suddenly rocked by turbulence, an experience that Rodo unexpectedly enjoyed. 

It was at that moment she found what she had been searching for all along — a true, romantic connection. However, it was not with another human. It was with the airplane. 

Rodo’s love and sexual attraction for airplanes have since grown deeper as she is enthralled with the pieces and mechanics that make up the airborne transportation systems. According to her, the wings are the “sexiest” part of the plane and their size doesn’t matter. 

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Over the last year, Rodo has taken 30 excursions so that she could travel on airplanes and be closer to them. “I flew a lot in the last year to be with the Boeing as often as I possibly could, I took about 30 flights and always combined it with a city trip or vacation,” she told Daily Mail. 

“With my love, I've traveled to Stockholm, Malmo, Copenhagen, Budapest, Vienna, and Paris. I also often visited Katowice in Poland as a day tour.” 

Rodo considers all aircrafts to be one collective being who she has named “Dickie.” The only issue is, she cannot spend any quality, alone time with Dickie since he must accommodate other passengers. “The only sad thing is that I can’t be alone with a real plane,” Rodo says. 

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Luckily, she has found somewhat of a solution to her problem by purchasing several model airplanes that she keeps in her home. “I currently own three large models, [but] I also have many small models, over 60 in total, and they are custom-made,” she said. “Many are from airlines or from travel agencies, with the larger models measuring between 49-inches and 63-inches long.” 

Rodo also has five airplane tattoos dedicated to her love. She hopes to eventually marry the Boeing 737, although it is illegal to do so at the moment. “Currently there are small plans to get married to the 737 series. However, I will not move abroad,” she shares. 

Rodo identifies as objectum sexual. 

Objectophilia, also known as objectum-sexuality, is the romantic and sexual attraction to inanimate objects. Objectophiles like Rodo can develop deep and intimate feelings for various objects including planes, walls, roads, walls, or anything that is not considered a living being. 

According to research, the sexuality is linked to the autism spectrum disorder and its most common sufferers are those who are shy and reserved and have difficulties establishing connections with humans, so they turn to objects to fulfill their needs. 

It is currently unknown how many people worldwide have objectophilia. 

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