Flight Attendant Joined By Dad On Every Christmas Flight So She Wouldn't Be Alone Gets The Day Off 'For The First Time'

He stood by and made every single flight

dad and his flight attendant daughter on airplane Pierce Vaughan/Facebook

Back in December of 2018, a flight attendant by the name of Pierce Vaughan and her father, Hal, shared the sweet story of how her dad supports her when she has to work during the holiday season.

Pierce works for Delta Airlines and for the past few years has had to work on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day to help get customers to their families for the holidays.

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This, the flight attendant and her dad are spending Christmas together again — but at home.

In 2018, when Hal caught wind that his baby girl would be flying the friendly skies instead of being with her family, he did what any loving father would do. He joined her.

It all started when Pierce attended a party in her parent’s Ocean Springs, Mississippi neighborhood days before Christmas.

The then 25-year-old newly qualified flight attendant let her mom and dad know she would be working over the holiday and spending Christmas Day on a layover in Hartford, Connecticut.

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Her father, Hal, later told USA Today, “Thinking of her being in that hotel room all by herself on Christmas Day really bugged her mother and I.”

That’s when they decided Hal would accompany Pierce on her flights. As the parent of a Delta employee so could standby for free and board the flight if space permitted.

Luck was on their side because Hal made every single flight that his daughter would be working over the holiday. As a bonus, he got to sit in first class for one leg of his extraordinary adventure.

For her part, Pierce’s mother and Hal’s wife, Kimberly decided to stay home with their pets.

He was concerned that she would scoff at the idea, but was delighted when she supported the lengthy trip.


The dedicated dad and his daughter made headlines after another passenger named Mike Levy heard their story and shared it on Facebook.

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At the time, an excited and grateful Pierce posted to her Facebook page saying, “A special thanks to all of the patient, wonderful gate agents around the country and my perfect crew."


But this year, something even more amazing happened.

Pierce actually got the holiday off of work for the very first time and will be able to spend quality time on the ground with her family.

She told Fox Television, “I am still a flight attendant but I’m actually (for the first time!) off for Christmas. I’m so very grateful to have the chance to spend quality time with both of my parents in south Mississippi this month!”

She explained that the last few years have been super busy and that she was just hanging in there trying to make it through with her sanity intact. With all of the pandemic-related issues on the airlines, it’s not hard to imagine that.

With all of the turbulence at work in recent times, Pierce says, “I’m really looking forward to a Christmas at ‘home, home’ when so many other places have grown to feel like home.”


But still, the family has not made any extravagant plans for Christmas. The fact that they will all be together to celebrate is gift enough for the Vaughans.

When asked whether he preferred flying around the country with Pierce or time at home, Hal said, "I’m happy in the air or on the ground if I’m with my daughter."

The true essence of Christmas lies in the love and connectedness that we share with family and friends. Life is short and this year, the Vaughans will spend their time doing what truly matters.


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