5-Year-Old Boy Writes Birthday Cards For Every Child In His Town — 'He Wants To Spread Happiness To The Other Kids'

The world needs more kind hearts like this!

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A little boy is making birthdays for all the other children in his town extra special by sending them homemade cards on their big days.

His mother shares that the cards are not only an extra treat for the children to open on their birthdays, but also a treat for her son since they allow him to express his creativity.

Five-year-old Lukas from Wisconsin writes birthday cards for every child in his town to send to them on their special day.

What initially began as a community service project has now become a full-time hobby for little Lukas. He ensures that every child who lives in his town receives a homemade birthday card from him.


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His mother, Sam Smith, told Inside Edition that her son decided to continue making cards long after their community service hours were completed. “I was so excited that he was so loving and wanted to give back,” the proud mom shared.

According to Lukas, his birthday cards consist of his own personal drawings inside of them, and the outside of them are decorated with stickers.


His mother adds that the birthday cards are a way for Lukas to “channel and focus his creativity,” which is beneficial since doctors suspect that he may be on the autism spectrum. “They think he might be on the spectrum, but we don’t have an official diagnosis yet,” Smith revealed.

Those with autism spectrum disorder often have repetitive behaviors or interests, with some displaying high levels of creativity and detail.

Parents from all over Lukas’ town have requested his services so that their children could open a birthday card from him on their special day. Local mother, Megan Novack, asked Lukas to make a card for her son, Eddie, to read to him on his birthday. She shared that it definitely made the day even more special.

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Novack praised Lukas for his kind actions. “It just shows that he wants to spread happiness and just share some joy with the other kids,” she said. The little boy signed her son’s birthday card, “Love, your new friend Lukas.”

Other people were inspired and emotionally moved by Lukas’ selfless hobby and his determination to make other children feel especially loved on their birthdays.

“What a truly dedicated boy and mother. This is absolutely heartwarming,” one person commented.

“What a sweet little boy! I hope he has continued success in the future!” another person wrote.

So if you live in Antigo, Wisconsin, and know a child whose birthday is approaching, you should consider Lukas’ services to make them feel extra special!


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