Lizzo's Boyfriend's Ex Claims He Left Her For The Singer — 'I Never Named Her Because I Didn’t Feel I'd Be Supported'

They were together for 10 years before he allegedly left her for Lizzo.

Myke Wright, Lizzo, Brooklyn Elizabeth Brown @brooklynelizabethbrown via TikTok / @lizzobeeating via Instagram

In a series of TikTok posts, a woman named Brooklyn Elizabeth Brown told the story of the dissolution of her ten-year relationship and how she worked to heal from that loss. Her heartbreak was simultaneously universal and sensationalistic, as she revealed that she had been with her boyfriend, Myke Wright, for a decade, including during the time when he met his current girlfriend, Lizzo.

Brooklyn Elizabeth Brown, the ex-girlfriend of Lizzo’s boyfriend Myke Wright, explained how he left her for the singer.

Brown posted a video to TikTok titled, “My Lizzo story.” She filmed herself sitting on a couch, recounting the details of an experience she had never shared publicly, until now. She stated at the start of the recording, “I first met Lizzo late 2016, 2017-ish. She and my boyfriend were co-hosting a show on MTV called ‘Wonderland.’” 


Brown explained that Lizzo “wasn’t very nice” to her, saying, “I knew she didn’t like me… I kind of ignored it because I felt like, you know, she’s already in this celebrity scene or whatever, so she probably just feels like she has better things to do than talk to me.” 

She clarified that even when encountered Lizzo outside of the show’s production, “Even when we were just out to eat or at the beach or something, she still wasn’t very nice to me… She didn’t say anything that was mean but she was really, like, standoffish or like, wouldn’t talk to me, you know, like, when I talked to her, it was kind of like, ‘Oh okay, get the f–k away from me, I don’t want to talk to you.’”




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As Brown explained, she “eventually found out that she and my boyfriend had something going on — ex-boyfriend — and that was that. I left the relationship. I mean, yeah, it was heartbreaking. I was with him for ten years. I supported him through everything and when he finally got a big break, he left me for Lizzo.”

She laughed slightly, then continued describing the emotional fall-out of leaving her longtime partner, after discovering his affair with a rising celebrity.


“It was really hard for my mental health,” Brown said. “I went through a really difficult period of time, trying to be okay with this, because it wasn’t just like, ‘Oh, I broke up with my boyfriend,’ it was like, ‘Oh, I broke up with my boyfriend and he left me for a person who wasn’t very nice to me… [and] after we broke up, she became a Grammy Award-winning celebrity.’”

Brown spoke to the dissonance she felt, comparing her personal experience with Lizzo against Lizzo’s public message of love and inclusivity.

She also offered very valid reasons as to why she decided not to speak up earlier about her experience. She said, “Everybody in the world loves her, and her message is like, ‘Love and light and positivity,’ after knowing how she treated me, but I… didn’t want to say anything because it made me sound like a whiny little baby or something. So, I didn’t.”

“I didn’t broadcast that that was something that happened to me, or when I did talk about it, I never named her, because I just didn’t feel like I would be supported or people would care,” she said. “People loved her, so why would I try to like, drag her name, or whatever.” 

Brown struggled to move on after her break-up, as Lizzo’s rising fame was a permeating force, reminding her of what she’d lost.


“I just silently went through something really big and really hard,” she said. “It was like my fight or flight response was triggered every time I heard her song on the radio or like if I went to the movies, and like, her song was in the trailer. It was so difficult and I cried for so long and I felt so depressed and I was in a really bad spot for years because of how this happened.

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Brown described the weight of the heartache she carried, yet made it clear that she didn’t blame Lizzo for her ex-boyfriend’s behavior.

“I know it wasn’t her fault. It wasn’t her fault. It was his fault. It was the way he handled it,” she stated. “She has no responsibility to me. But I think they could have both been a little more kind in the way that they chose to get together. He could have broken up with me or she could have maybe suggested that he break up with me before they started something, because the text messages were something that I’ll never be able to not see in my head.”

Towards the end of the post, Brown expressed the rawness of her emotions, explaining, “This is the first time I’ve ever been able to freely speak on it and feel like people will hear what I’m saying and not just like, come at me for saying something about someone that they really like.” 


Brown’s experience highlights that certain wounds stay open and that complete closure is often elusive. 

She described how the public’s shifting opinion of Lizzo confirmed the validity of the pain she had gone through.

“It feels like this validation — and I try to be a good person, I try to let things go, forgive, just move on, but some things just stick with you, until it gets lifted off of your spirit,” she said. “And I feel like this is a moment where it’s gotten lifted off of my spirit that she’s not everything that she’s been saying she is and I’ve known that for a long time.”

“Now that it’s coming to light, who she really is and how she really operates, it’s just like vindication,” Brown continued. “It’s like, what I went through was real and I don’t have to be quiet about it anymore, I don’t have to be embarrassed about it anymore. It’s true. It is true. I’ve seen it. It’s real, and now I can like, put these feelings aside and just like, really move on.” 

“I guess I never really thought I needed that, but I did. I’m realizing that I did,” she declared through tears, as though she was finding peace in real-time. Brown ended her post by offering what she’d ultimately learned through it all: “Just be kind.”


“Build your character and be kind,” she said. “Operate from a place of love, love yourself, and when you truly love yourself, that will extend itself to other people. Be the same person outside as you are in privacy behind closed doors. Don’t try to build yourself up in a fake persona.”

She touched briefly on the complex issues surrounding celebrity presence, the toxicity of fame, and what it means to be human, stating, “We’re really not looking at… how people actually live their lives.”

“It’s okay to get those motivational moments or those inspirational messages from people,” she clarified. “Take the message. Apply it to yourself. You’re smart. You know what’s right and what’s true for you. So take those things and let them make you a better person, but don’t ever idolize messengers.” 

“Do not ever idolize messengers,” Brown reiterated, before expounding a message of true self-love and acceptance. “You do it for yourself. You figure those things out for yourself. You set your course, you set your path. You do the things that you believe in and don’t think that just because someone else is saying it, that they’re better than you, or anything like that. We’re all human. Don’t forget that.”


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Brown made a second TikTok post, responding to questions she received about the revelatory information she’d shared.

“First things first, stop saying mean s–t about Lizzo’s body in the comments,” she declared. “That is absolutely out of line… She’s a real person… That’s unacceptable.” 

Brown went on to explain why she decided to tell her story on a public forum, coinciding with the timing of the lawsuit against Lizzo. As she framed it, “If my experience were your own, you went through the hardest time of your life and you never really got to share with anyone and you try to take the high road and just move on and do the right thing and then, the universe gives you a wild draw-four card, like, ‘your move.’ What would you have done, if you were me? Seriously, what would you have done?” 




“My ego wanted this, but honestly, my spirit feels so much lighter and I just feel so much better, so I have no regrets,” she stated. She also addressed a belief expressed by many people in the comments, which is that Lizzo had no obligation to be nice to her. 

“When I say she wasn’t nice to me, I mean she had a nasty attitude,” she said. “And it was alienating because she and my boyfriend would like, go off, and they would have like, the big group, and I would kind of be off to the side… I wasn’t part of their thing, and I didn’t know why, and because of that, it caused a lot of confusion on my end. I was like, why am I being treated like this… and he wasn’t any better. He was equally responsible.” 


Brown explained why she came forward with her story, saying, “I just thought it was relevant to what’s going on now because of people feeling like they’re surprised at who she is now and I was just trying to communicate that I saw that type of energy in her before, and I kept it to myself.” 

She stated that her intention isn’t to frame Lizzo as a deliberately malicious person, saying, “I’m not even trying to like, make Lizzo a bad person or anything. It was just what happened to me.”

Brown ended her post by calling attention to the support she’d received from sharing the story of her breakup. As she said, “The kindness in your comments really meant something to me.”

As one person declared in the comments, “There is no time limit on speaking on traumatic things that happened to you.”


Everyone finds peace in their own way, on their own timeline. Brown might face criticism for telling her story, yet it’s clear that giving voice to the harm she experienced allowed her a certain amount of healing.

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