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Employee Claims Walmart Asks Warehouse Workers To Pay $3 To Wear Shorts Or Yoga Pants To Work

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Walmart employee with a notice

A Walmart warehouse employee shared an alarming notice posted by the company to their employees as the weather started to grow warmer.

They informed their workers that they could adjust their usual uniforms to bare with the soaring temperatures. However, they would have to pay a price.

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The notice, allegedly posted by Walmart, informed employees that they would have to pay the company $3 to wear shorts or yoga pants to work.

Sharing a photo of the notice to the subreddit, r/antiwork, the employee slammed the alleged new policy from Walmart. “Walmart wants ME to pay THEM for my comfort,” they wrote.

The employee claims that they live in the South where temperatures are expected to reach 90-100 degrees for the next two weeks. They work in a warehouse that is not air-conditioned.

“They want ME to pay a billion-dollar company to be able to wear shorts,” they added.

Photo: Reddit

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“Wear shorts or yoga pants every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for $3.00 a day,” the notice reads. The shorts are required to be three and a half inches above the knee. Yoga pants cannot have “mesh” or “see-through” material.

The employee noted that the hot weather was not exclusive to the weekends, the only days they were allowed to wear shorts or yoga pants. “Because, ya know, it can’t get hot Monday through Thursday,” they wrote. “Absolutely ridiculous.”

Other Redditors also slammed the unfair policy.

“Companies be like ‘great benefits’ and these are the benefits,” one user commented. “How is this even legal?” another user wondered.

Other users were confused as to where the $3 would even go and suggested that management made the decision without corporate approval. “I think it's the local manager trying to make money or something,” one user believed. “I don't think this is real. In that, it is from Walmart corporate.”

Other users suggested the employee use the new policy to their own advantage. “Ask them for a three-dollar-a-day wage raise for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to dress as usual,” one user recommended. “If they say that ridiculous just point out that so is paying a corporation to be comfortable on shift.”

While some companies may require their employees to wear uniforms regardless of outside temperatures, they usually do not give them the ultimatum of wearing a more comfortable outfit for financial compensation.

Furthermore, an employer cannot require their workers to wear clothing that it sells or otherwise makes a profit from.

If this is a note from Walmart, and the company is going to collect money from their employees for wearing shorts or yoga pants on the job, they might as well use it toward installing an air conditioning system in the warehouse to avoid these situations from happening in the first place.

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