Details Of The Email Jimmy Fallon Sent Teen Fan Accusing Him Of Enabling Her Sexual Assault In Horatio Sanz Lawsuit

He allegedly asked for her number while knowing she was a minor.

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Details of Jimmy Fallon's interactions with a woman accusing his former SNL co-star, Horatio Sanz, of sexual abuse in the early 2000s are emerging in a recent filing as part of an ongoing lawsuit.

An anonymous woman, who filed as a Jane Doe, is hoping to name Fallon as a defendant in the lawsuit, according to a motion for leave to file a proposed Amended Complaint that was filed on Tuesday, August 23 in New York State Supreme Court.


The amended complaint would implicate Fallon as a contributor to the environment surrounding Sanz’s predatory behavior and includes a private email that had been sent to Jane in January 2000.

Fallon's earliest interaction with the woman, who ran a fan website dedicated to the late-night talk show host and his SNL co-stars, came in the form of an email that the lawsuit claims set the stage for years of grooming and predatory behavior from Sanz. 

Jimmy Fallon sent Horatio Sanz's accuser an email when she was just 15.

Jane’s experience with SNL began when she was 11 years old and was allowed to stay up late and watch the sketch comedy show because her favorite band was performing.


Fast forward a few years later to April 1999, Jane started a website devoted to SNL that would later get hacked and prompted the alleged email from Fallon, which included a small comment from Sanz — Fallon’s roommate at the time.

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“In January 2000, when Jane was 15 years old, someone hacked into her fan website, leaving abusive comments,” reads the lawsuit. “She received a lot of supportive messages, but one stood out: an email from Fallon himself.”

The fact that Fallon had emailed her left her “surprised and confused, but mostly flattered.”

“Hi Jane, This is Jimmy. (Yes, the real deal.) I was sorry to hear that someone hacked into your website the other day,” the then-26-year-old allegedly wrote in the email.


“I also saw that they said some pretty mean things to you. I am sorry this happened to you. I don’t know why some people are so mean. It never helps, and I’m sorry it happened to a cool girl like yourself.”

Jane had first met Fallon at a Barnes & Noble in New York when she attended the signing for his book “I Hate This Place: The Pessimist’s Guide to Life,” written alongside his sister, Gloria Fallon.

She claimed that she “had been waiting for this day all summer long,” and that meeting her idol did not disappoint the self-described “die-hard” Fallon fan.

“Anyway, you worked hard and made a really cool site that I checked out and enjoyed, so don’t let that sort of stuff get you down,” the email continued.


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“I am using an email thing from one of the girls at work, so I don’t think I will be able to get any replies. Thanks again for being awesome! You made a great website! -Jimmy Fallon.”

At the end of the email, a not from Sanz was included and would be the first point of contact that Jane had with the SNL cast member.

“PS- Here is a note from Horatio [Sanz]: Hey Jane! You did a great website so don’t worry about those losers! YOU ARE COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” reads the note.

The filing goes on to outline Jane's repeated interactions with the cast members, including being invited to several after-parties leading to her alleged sexual assault in 2002.


The documents allege that Fallon and other NBC staff members would be present while the teenager and other minors were drinking alcohol. Sanz allegedly began grooming her at these events and over messages shared in between their interactions.

Jimmy Fallon allegedly asked for the teenager's phone number at an SNL after-party. 

The filing claims that, in November 2001, Fallon asked for Jane's number shortly after learning she was still in high school.

"Fallon commented at one point, 'so you have a few years before you graduate.' The others seated became very quiet for a moment when Jane mentioned that she was a junior in high school, but quickly moved on," the filing alleges.


"Fallon asked Jane for her phone number, but she didn’t have a pen. He also told her that he had met a 'girl' on Jane’s website message board."

The woman claims she was sexually assaulted by Sanz in May 2002 at one of these parties and later in a cab after leaving with the comedian. Fallon was allegedly present at this party.

Sanz has denied these allegations and Fallon has not yet commented on his alleged role in the events.

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