Wedding DJ Reveals His Strangest Request From A Bride — And It Wasn't Because Of The Song

They asked and he delivered.

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A man on TikTok who was hired for a DJing gig at a wedding some years back revealed the odd request he received from the bride.

She had sent him an email with a list of songs that she wanted to hear at her wedding, but at the bottom of the email, she wrote a paragraph for a separate, special request that she wanted him to take care of while they were at the wedding.

She told the DJ that whenever she tells him to play ‘Brick House,’ he needs to play it.

“The bride sent me a list of songs that she wanted to hear during the event,” he told his TikTok followers in a video. “Then, at the bottom of the email, there was a separate paragraph that said ‘When I tell you to play “Brick House,” play “Brick House.”’ I said okay, whatever.”


An oddly specific request for the 70s classic “Brick House” by the Commodores, she could have just included it in the regular list of songs, but she made the choice to separate it from the rest.

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He decided not to think about it too hard, and instead just got the songs ready to go.


“It’s important to know that this wedding was the second marriage for both the bride and the groom, and they both had adult children,” he says, providing us with context for how the night would eventually unfold.

He claims that when he got there, he started doing his thing and everything had been going well — and then someone approached the DJ’s booth.

“About an hour in, somebody approaches me with a bottle of liquor and they say ‘Please hide this with your stuff and do not let the bride’s son get to it,’” he explained. As any kind man DJing a wedding would do when tasked with a special mission, he obliged and hid the bottle.

The bride’s son soon came looking for the bottle.

“A couple of minutes after that, the bride’s son approaches me and he says ‘I know you have it, give it to me. Where is it?’” the DJ explains. “And I was like, ‘Dude, I can’t give it to you. They told me not to give it to you, and I don’t even have it.’”


Unfortunately for the DJ, the bride’s son revoked some cool points from him for not giving him the bottle, but even in his attempts to make him feel bad, the DJ stood strong and committed to not giving him the bottle of liquor.

The bride’s son left, and the DJ claims he left very angry, but that wasn’t the end of the story just yet. “A couple of minutes later, I hear a commotion at the other end of the hall.”

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The bride’s son passed out in his chair and wouldn’t wake up.

The DJ continues explaining what happened, saying “The bride’s son had passed out in his chair sitting up. Everyone’s freaking out, no one really knows what to do, they call an ambulance for him because he’s not waking up.”


All of this is happening at a wedding, mind you. This was supposed to be one of the most important days of the bride and groom’s lives, but instead, it turned into a nightmare.

“Once the ambulance gets there, his friends carry him out through the wedding, in his chair, sitting up,” he explains, moving on to the aftermath that was created by the scene that was unfolding.

“At this point, the wedding has gone full silent. It’s very very tense, and I’m not playing any music. Nobody knows what to do.” Nobody, except the bride who saw this coming from a mile away.

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The moment the ambulance left, she told him to start playing ‘Brick House.’

“The moment that the ambulance leaves, I’m not exaggerating, the bride comes up to me. She says ‘play “Brick House.”’”

The video ends here, but everyone in the comments had to say what everyone was thinking — what a brilliant idea. She knew this had to be coming, and instead of sweating the thought of her wedding being ruined, she knew exactly what she needed to do to get it started again.


“Bride knew what was coming. She was smart to know how to get the party going again,” someone wrote, as another person claimed, “I know they're probably used to it but the moment I hear Brick House I lose my mind.”

Lo and behold, when he was asked whether or not the bride’s plan worked, he said that it did. The show must go on.

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