Travis Scott's Former Manager Claims Rapper Once Left Him For Dead In An L.A. Basement

He says he's the worst person he's ever work with.

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After a mass crush left 8 people dead and many injured at Astroworld festival in Houston, stories about Travis Scott’s controversial past are painting a disturbing picture of the event’s host.

Social media users have criticized the rapper for inciting violence and failing to protect fans at many of his past concerts, but one viral tweet implies his alleged lack of regard for safety started much earlier.


The tweet says Scott once, “left his former manager for dead” while he was having a seizure. 


Now, the former manager in question has spoken out to address the claims.

Did Travis Scott leave his former manager for dead?

Shane Morris, who says he worked with Scott during the early years of his music career, claims the Houston rapper abandoned him while he was having a seizure and then refused to work with him because of his epilepsy.

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Morris first made his allegation in 2013 but is now speaking out on TikTok in light of the recent tragedy.

“Travis Scott is the worst person I’ve worked with in my entire career in music,” Morris tells TikTok and adds that he has been trying to warn people of Scott’s dangerous ways.


“When he sees people in harm or danger he tends to only keep thinking about himself.”

Scott Morris claims Travis Scott left him during a seizure.

In his original Tumblr post about the claims, Morris says he, Scott and others were at a party in an LA basement when the seizure happened. 

“You know what Travis Scott did? He left. He and his friend Tony left me,” Morris wrote.


“I eventually ended up at the hospital that night, but Travis couldn’t be bothered.”

He says that for two years before the seizure he had helped Scott connect with music industry associates, media outlets and more. 

But, according to Morris, things changed after his seizure. Scott allegedly wanted to drop Morris the next day.

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“He explained to me that he didn’t want a manager that would be having seizures, and he didn’t want to bring T.I. around anything like that. ‘How do I know you’re not just gonna be shaking on the ground and sh-t?’”


“Travis Scott is the kind of person who discriminates based upon disability,” Morris added. 

Scott Morris also accused Travis Scott of stealing music.

In his original blog post, Morris also accuses Scott of trying to take credit for music he worked with Nelson London.

Morris says Scott asked him for the bounce London had worked on to show it to rapper T.I.

“That isn’t your music. If you’re taking that session in, you need to go with Nelson, because he did the majority of the production on that,” Morris recalled saying.

He claims that Scott then lied and tried to take credit for the music.


In the final part of the blog post, he claims that Scott later tried to sue him for posting music on Soundcloud that the rapper made with other artists OG Chess and ASAP Ferg.

Morris claims the song in question is one Scott “stole from OG CHESS.” 

“I know, because we still have the original session, with a timestamp. Travis wants to sue me, because I posted something he stole from someone else,” he alleges. 

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