Daycare Provider Crosses A Serious Line By Posting A Video Why She Thinks A Baby Boy Will Be 'Popular' When He's Older

Not funny.

woman in black turtle neck TikTok

A daycare worker who posted a since-deleted video sharing her thoughts on how popular a baby boy would be in the future based on what she saw when changing his diaper has received a ton of backlash and possibly lost her career.

Though it appears the woman’s account has since gone private and had its handle changed, another TikToker named Tanya has shared the video, along with her own commentary and identified the offensive poster as “Ma’ja.”


In the TikTok video, the woman pretends she's changing a baby boy's diaper.

The video was captioned, “When I volunteered at a daycare, and I had to change this [baby’s] diaper.” It showed the woman looking down curiously as she supposedly changed the child.  

A voiceover played in the background that said, “You… will… be… popular,” as the woman’s eyes widened when she looked down.

The backlash came fast and furious. Women from everywhere shared or stitched the original video, adding their disgust at the woman objectifying a baby.

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In one video, a woman named Tanya acknowledges that the woman must be “feeling that heat.” According to her, moms across the country were coming for the daycare provider. A quick search of her username @your.future.ex.wife shows endless responses to the ill-advised video.

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Tanya believes that the woman's 'vile' and 'horrendous' actions proved that women can be predators, too.

She went on to say, “As a mother myself, I am deeply sickened by your actions,” before announcing that she had located the woman’s linked in profile and found that she was a service member.


Tanya thought that the woman had violated her “oath to protect” when she went to such lengths just to get some likes on TikTok. She accused her of making others think it is acceptable to sexualize children.

People who had seen the video initially thought she was referring to the content of the diaper, not the baby’s private parts, but that was quickly dispelled when they found out that the clip was captioned, “third arm.”

Others questioned the daycare’s decision to allow a ‘volunteer’ to change a child’s diaper. They wondered what type of vetting and background check had been done before allowing the woman into the center and in private spaces with kids.

Children are increasingly becoming the targets of sexual messages, images, and theme at younger ages. The fact that a grown woman can publicly and without pause sexualize a child is a testament to where society is.


Kids as young as three years old can knowledgeably describe their body parts and compare them to those of others. They are susceptible to messaging from parents, peers, and the media but lack the cognitive skills to critically consider the information and source.

The video may have been done in jest but was still a terrible decision. As adults, we need to protect the innocence of children. They will be exposed to the realities of the world soon enough. We don’t need to advance the process.

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