Daughter Tells Mom She's 'Lazy' For Not Charging The Little Girl's Electronics — But Other Parents Blame Her Reaction On The Mom

Her parenting skills are being called into question.

Daughter yelling and calling her mom lazy TikTok

A mother's parenting skills have been called into question after her daughter is seen yelling and throwing a fit, all because her electronics were not charged.

In a since-deleted TikTok video, a mom and her daughter were seen arguing after the young girl realized that her Nintendo Switch did not have full power, and decided to turn the blame on her mother instead.

The daughter tells her mother that she's 'lazy' for not charging her electronic device.

As the video starts, the mom and daughter, Valentina, are already in the midst of an argument.


"Valentina, what is the problem?" the mom asked her daughter as she slams her Nintendo Switch down hard on their dining table.

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"My problem, Mom," she answered, "is that you didn't get off your lazy a-- and charge this."


Valentina angrily holds up her electronic device, waving it in her mom's face as she criticizes her for not charging it.

"It's not my responsibility," she tells her young daughter but is interrupted halfway through as Valentina butts in, talking over her mother as she demands that "it is" her responsibility to charge the device.

The mother's video immediately received hordes of backlash, with other users condemning the daughter's out-of-pocket behavior and how she disrespectfully spoke to her mother.

In a separate video, the mom clarified that the entire ordeal had only been a "skit," and that her daughter, Valentina was simply "acting."



"[Valentina] and her twin are so good at the skits," she revealed, responding to a comment from a user who pointed out how good at acting her daughter was.


"They do them very, very well. It's funny, but yes, she's good at acting."

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TikTok users criticized the mother's parenting skills after seeing the way her daughter spoke to her.

Despite the original video being a joke, it didn't stop other TikTok creators from not only criticizing her daughter but the mother's parenting skills as well.

One creator, whose username is "@bluecollarhonky," questioned how much of a "failure" a parent had to be in order for their children to treat them with no respect.



"How big of a failure does a parent have to be to allow your kids to think it's okay for them to talk to you like that?" he inquired. "I really would like to know."


In the comments, other users agreed, pointing out that children who behave in that way don't deserve a toy at all.

"She truly would have understood when I gave the toy to some other family," one user wrote.

Another user added, "I have 2 teenagers and they will never talk like that to anyone. Raise your kids with respect."


"You are your child's parent first. Not their friend," a third user pointed out.

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