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Dad's Concerning Way Of Teaching His Daughters To 'Share' Involves Showing That Toys 'Go Bye Bye' If They Argue

Photo: TikTok
husband destroying his children's toys

As parents and guardians, teaching your children important and valuable lessons that they can carry throughout their lives is a vital part of raising them.

Though, there is a line between teaching children useful lessons versus attempting to intimidate them into listening to you.

One set of parents, however, are being heavily criticized for falling under the latter.

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A mom showed off her husband's concerning and violent way of teaching their daughters the importance of 'sharing.'

In a TikTok video that has since been deleted, a mother decided to film the way her husband disciplines their daughters when they aren't sharing and start arguing over a toy.

The two girls, who are both toddlers, are seen standing in front of their dad as he holds up a doll in front of them.



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With no warning, he begins to slam the doll against the side of the couch and on his leg until the toy snaps in half.

"This is my husband's way of teaching 'sharing' if you fight over something it goes bye-bye," the mother wrote in overlay text over the video.

The video was met with hordes of criticism and backlash from other TikTok users, who argued that the father breaking his daughters' toy so neither of them would be able to play with it wasn't a good solution to the problem. 

Several TikTok users responded and condemned the mother's video and her husband's actions.

In subsequent videos, other users reacted to the mother's concerning video and pointed out that intimidation and scare tactics aren't a good way to parent children.

Kalanit Emanuelle was one of the TikTok users to respond, stitching the original video and proclaiming that "neither of those parents should have had kids."



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"What they are teaching their children is that it is okay to have this kind of a reaction to not getting your way," Emanuelle stated. "That it is okay to break things that don't belong to you."

She pointed out that now both little girls are living with a "core memory" of watching their father brutally destroy one of their toys.

"The absolute emotional dysregulation that this dad shows and the pride that the mom is showing by filming it, gross, absolutely gross."

Another TikTok creator with the username @jrenaei questioned why viewers were "entertained" at watching a "grown man destroying two little girls' toy."



"The girls weren't laughing, they didn't think it was funny. The girls were scared," she observed.

She continued, criticizing the parents for not only scaring and embarrassing their children but also deciding to post the video to social media as a way to "get likes."

"If you don't understand how to teach your kids how to problem solve without using fear and acting like a caveman, you probably should've sat parenting out."

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