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Rude Dad Recorded Yelling At Theme Park Workers For Not Letting Daughter On Ride Because She's Too Short

Photo: @Indamoondust/TikTok
angry dad at amusement park

Parents do embarrassing things all the time but not all of them are caught on camera.

A TikToker that goes by the name of Sabrina posted a video of a man berating a ride operator and demanding that his daughter be let on the ride.

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The catch is that the girl is below the height requirement, so it wouldn’t be safe for her to get on. Nevertheless, the rude father continues to request that his child be let on.

The father is seen yelling at the theme park workers as his daughter cries.

The video starts with him apparently identifying the person that turned his daughter away as “the girl with the mole on her face.”



The woman he is speaking to is heard in the background requesting a manager as he continues to raise his voice at her.

A man can be heard telling the father his child is too small.

The dad ups the ante by saying, “This kid is going on that ride or you and me are going in the parking lot.”

At that point, the employee can be heard anxiously requesting a manager.

The man goes on to explain his child has been denied entry to the ride three times. The little girl’s hands can be seen wrapped tightly around his waist and crying loudly.

The back and forth continues and the father threatens, “Listen, we can do it your way, or we can do it mine.”

He tells the worker that he is going to make her life miserable right now.

He continues talking in a seemingly one-sided conversation, saying, “My eight-year-old daughter crying? You’ll see… You’ll see!”

The man seems oblivious to the fact that his own over-the-top behavior is adding to his daughter’s public trauma.

The dad then points in the direction of the ride operator and says, “I will shut this b-tch down.” This prompts a woman off-camera to speak up.

She pleads with him, “Don’t shut it down.” He responds by explaining again that his daughter had been passed over for the ride repeatedly.

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He then starts talking to an unseen male worker who is trying to reason with him to no avail. The man says, “I know it’s your job. But I’m going to shut this b-tch down!”

Next someone is cursing inaudibly in the background and the man shoots back, “Oh yeah? Oh yeah?”

This starts a tussle between a group of women. One woman, in a grey and neon green backpack, appears to be the aggressor and keeps approaching two other ladies who are standing by.

The woman appears to be with the girl’s dad who steps into the fray to confront a man standing near the two women that his friend is attacking.

The video ends with the father still arguing with passersby while the anonymous woman with him yells into the camera, “Yeah, start videoing. Put it on YouTube… TikTok…”

Because of how the video ended, it prompted more questions than answers. The TikToker came back to answer a few of them.



She confirmed that a stick was used to measure the child initially, but due to a mix-up, she was not turned away until after waiting in line.

In a surprise turn of events, the little girl was allowed to get on the ride after all. She was put in the front row, accompanied by her dad.

Additionally, she said that security was waiting when the family left the area, but was unsure if they were kicked out of the amusement park.

Commenters first found the dad’s actions deplorable before the follow up video. One person criticized, “The child is crying because the father is churning chaos, not because of the rules.”

A former ride operator confirmed the dad was at fault, commenting, “99% of the time kids cry it’s bc their parents start flipping out & it scares/embarrasses them. not bc they can’t go.”

After the second video was uploaded, the tide changed, and people started to agree with the father. One person joked, “Although he went about it wrong, he was 100% correct in the end.”

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