Dad Struggling After Divorce Receives Comforting Letter From His Young Daughter — 'I Will Be Here For You Forever & Always'

his daughter is his sunshine after the storm.

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A father struggling emotionally after his divorce was deeply moved after reading a heartwarming letter from his daughter, whom he recently gained custody of. 

The kind gesture is a reminder that some children recognize that divorce can be challenging both for them and their parents. 

The man’s daughter wrote him a letter telling him that she ‘will always be here’ for him and that she loves him. 

Sharing a photo of the letter to the subreddit, r/MadeMeSmile, the father revealed that he had recently gone through a divorce and was “having a rough time” with his new reality. One morning, he woke up to find a letter written to him from his daughter, who he claims he just gained custody of. 


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“Hey Dad,” the handwritten letter on looseleaf paper begins. “I know you are going through a hard time right now and I just want you to know that I will be here for you forever & always.” 

“I hope you become happy again because I would love to do a ton of fun things with you in the summer. I love you tons & just remember that…” 

Photo: Reddit


At the bottom of the letter, the man’s daughter drew a heart, colored it in red, and wrote “I will always be here for you” in the center of it. 

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Redditors were overwhelmed with emotions upon reading the letter themselves. 

“This totally made me tear up. So unbearably sweet,” one user commented. “She loves you more than words can express. You’ve done a fine job sir keep it up,” another user wrote. 

“She’s lucky to have you and you’re lucky to have her. Keep doing what you’re doing, the future is bright with a relationship like that in your life,” another user added. 


However, other users encouraged the father to speak with his daughter so that she did not feel as if his happiness was her responsibility. “Remember to tell her it is not her job to take care of you even as you appreciate just how much she loves you,” one user reminded the father. 

He responded with a follow-up comment, assuring people that he is taking the appropriate steps to ensure that his daughter does not feel burdened in any way through her parents’ divorce. “She is aware thank you. I have discussed this with her. We are going through therapy and getting all the necessary tools we need,” he wrote. “Although we do stuff together and I try to make it look like everything is the best, she can tell there is hurt, It's just life.” 

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A divorce is a significant life event that can have a profound impact on everyone involved, including parents. It often brings intense emotions such as grief, anger, guilt, sadness, and anxiety. Parents may experience a sense of loss, especially if they had envisioned a lifelong partnership. 


Additionally, divorced parents typically need to navigate co-parenting arrangements, which can be complex and emotionally challenging. Coordinating schedules, making joint decisions, and maintaining effective communication with an ex-spouse can be stressful and lead to conflicts. 

It is important to recognize that divorce affects an entire family, who will all most likely experience emotions to some degree. However, family members can help one another through this difficult time and lift each other up, just as this girl did for her father. 

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