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Dad Leaves Video For His Kids Sharing His Final Wishes — 'I Worked Hard So You Could Have A Better Life'

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Dad leaves video for his kids with his final wishes

Losing a parent is a milestone that we all experience. Saying goodbye to a loved one is never easy, especially to those who raised us.

One set of siblings saw their father speak to them one last time when he left them a video explaining his will.

As they tearfully watched their father’s last message, what he left for them was a bittersweet surprise.

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Jake and Jessica’s father left them a recorded will, in which he divided up his assets between them.

“Hi, kids,” the video started. “If you’re watching this, it means I didn’t make it. The cancer got me.”



“But I’m with mom now, and she’s probably bothering me already, if you know your mother,” their dad chuckles.

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Their father explained that he made the posthumous video to tell them what he left for them and why.

The father first addressed his son, speaking directly to him from the video.

“Jake, my boy,” he said. “Man, you’ve made me so proud.”

“When I first held you in my hands the day you were born I knew you were destined for greatness.”

“Watching you grow into your own has been a real treat,” he continued. “You’re a great actor, a great brother to your sister, and the best son a man could ask for.”

“To Jake, I’m leaving you the deed to the house,” he stated. “Which is paid for, but don’t forget the property taxes or the bank will take it.”

“I’m also leaving you the cars, which you can sell, but don’t sell the house,” he requested of his son.

“It’s been my dream, as you know, to keep this house in the family,” he said. “Lots of history in that house, good and bad.”

It’s clear from the way Jake reacted, with tears in his eyes, that he’ll carry out his father’s last wish.

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The father then spoke to his daughter, Jessica.

“I know this has been very hard on you, my baby girl,” he said.  “I know this has not been easy, and I’d do anything I could to spend just another day with you.”

“I want you to know, I am no longer in pain,” he said. “I’m with you always.”

“To Jessica, I’m leaving you my savings, including my 401K, my ROTH IRA, and both of my savings accounts.”

“As of today that amount is around 2 million dollars,” he explained. Their father did have stipulations for how he wanted the money spent.

“Please see the world, and pay for your kids’ college tuition with Poppa’s cash,” he implored.

He left one last message for Jake and Jessica, which brought them both to tears.

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“I want each of you to help each other out. Be there, because family’s the most important thing,” he said. “If I could do it all over again, I wouldn’t have missed one dance recital, one basketball game.”

“I would have done a better job at showing up, and I’m so sorry for that.”

“In my head, I wanted to work hard, so you could have a good life and not worry about the money like I was,” he explained. He explained that he left them an inheritance “so you can be there for your kids, make time for them.”

“I love you both so much,” he says at the end. “I’m always there with you.”

“Okay, now, how do I end this?” he asked, as Jake and Jessica smiled through their tears. 

“He looks so good,” Jake said after the video ended. “I know,” Jessica answered.

Jake pressed a kiss to the computer screen as Jessica took a deep breath.

With their inheritance, the two siblings have a chance to raise their families without financial worries. Hopefully, they’ll carry out their father’s last wish to focus on their families, because our relationships with loved ones are what’s most important in life.

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