Dad Posts Video 'Tattooing’ His 3-Year-Old Daughter's Hand With A Tattoo Gun

Many people were stunned that he would "tattoo" his daughter.

JT Cullen dad tattooing 3-year-old daughter @furnx420 / TikTok

A father has caught some serious heat from people online after sharing a video of him giving his toddler a tattoo with a real tattoo gun.

In a video, TikTok user JT Cullen shared that his 3-year-old daughter had shown interest in getting a tattoo as he has a few of his own that must've piqued the little girl's curiosity. To satisfy his daughter's request, Cullen decided to give her a 'tattoo' of her own, which immediately sparked criticism from viewers.


The dad gave his three-year-old daughter a 'tattoo' with his tattoo gun.

At the start of Cullen's video, he is holding his toddler's hand as he gets ready to use his tattoo gun. "You ready?" he asks her as he positions the gun over her hand. 

dad tattoos three-year-old with tattoo gunPhoto: TikTok


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As the gun starts vibrating loudly, it frightens the little girl and she quickly pulls her hand away. "I'm scared," she can be heard telling her dad. Cullen reassures her that it won't hurt and she lets him take her hand again.

He starts the gun up again, reiterating that there is nothing to be scared about. The little girl begins giggling as her dad starts drawing the tattoo on the outside of her hand. "Don't move," he warns her, continuing to draw two little dots.

dad tattoos three-year-old with tattoo gunPhoto: TikTok


"Hold on, I'm almost finished," he tells his daughter, making sure that she is staying still as he finishes up the last line of the drawing. The final product is a smiley face, which Cullen tells her not to smudge or else it will come off.

In overlay text, Cullen reassured viewers that he had put a marker inside the tattoo gun and that the smiley face was not permanent whatsoever. "Just so everyone's aware. I made it so there was no needle," he wrote. "It's pretty obvious that a marker was put in the tattoo gun instead of a needle. She's also laughing because of the vibration."



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In the comments section, some people were unimpressed by him tattooing his toddler.

Despite Cullen prefacing that the tattoo was fake and that he had used a marker instead of a needle, there were some viewers who were still feeling a particular way about the entire ordeal.

"Is it safe?" questioned one TikTok user, while another added, "Ink poisoning?" A third user chimed in, "Why would you do that?" 

However, other viewers attempted to defend Cullen's actions and pointed out that it's just harmless fun and allows his daughter to be creative.

"I thought you were actually tattooing your child but you [are] just desensitizing your toddler to new things," a following commenter wrote.


Another user remarked that the young girl only wanted to be just like her father, writing, "The giggles are so cute. This was a cute idea. She clearly wants to be like her daddy. Bet she ends up doing tattoos too."

"I want to say you [are] an amazing father. She will never forget this night. Proud of you man, there are good men here," someone else commented, praising Cullen's parenting style.

While such a thing may seem unconventional to some parents, it's clear that Cullen only has the best interest in mind when it comes to his child, and clearly doesn't want to do anything that will put her in harm's way. Every parent has a different approach when it comes to the way they have fun with their kids, and if it isn't putting them at risk, then let them be.


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